Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time its a flyin'

Hey everybody!!
Wow another week has gone by! It's hard to belive that I have almost been gone on my mission for almost two months! I gotta say this week has been probably my favoite week thus far! It has been so spiritual as well as fulfilling. It's had its challenges too!
So to start off. Dad, I did get your really long dearelder on saturday. Can I say how happy I was to see you guys!! After conference we went on a temple walk with my zone and we were just on our way back. I was messing around with some of the people in our zone. Having a lot of fun like I normally do. I get to the sidewalk to cross the road, and what do i always naturally do? I look at the cars. I saw this green scrush come up to the light and i instantly thought...NO WAY!! I look inside the veichle to make sure i wasnt going crazy and sure enough I see Dad's face in the driver's seat. I look to my left and I see mom's face explode in the car. Dad rolled down the window and everyone started whislting and I heard you all yell "we love the missionaries! Especiall Elder Ollerton!!" I don't know if you noticed but I was waving back! I was in complete and total shock! I hope you heard me yell back to you guys "I love you!!" Because I did. It was soooo good to see all of your faces. What are the odds?? I'm sorry i didn't stop. My companion was way ahead of me and i was trying to catch up. and i knew you weren't in the lane. So i just kept going! and you did too! but it made me so dang happy! You have no idea!! I hope you guys are still doing good and will never forget that moment. Because I won't! So Dad, we were walking home from doing a session in the temple this morning. I was walking down the sidewalk path by the field and I saw in the distance a Black Audi that looks just ike yours. Were ya driving home from work and past the MTC around 9:15? if so you just missed me!! But it's all good right? I hope you all know that that was not by coincedince.(however you spell that) My prayers were answered that day. I knew you guys were okay! but I had to know for sure eh? What a great experience.
So this General Conference was amazing!!! Duncan was so right when he said that conferdence is like the Super Bowl for missionaries! I went into conference with so many questions. Something that I had never really done before. I went in with the faith and confidience that our Heavenly Father would answer those questions. Guess what? He answered all of them!! How amazing is it that the talks seem to talk directly to our wants/needs in our lives. Isn't it such a blessing that we have the guidance we need to help us be successful and grow stronger everyday? I testify to you that is a true gift from our Heavenly Father. He wants us to do our best and be happy because we are His childeren and he loves us so very much. How grateful we should be for the blessings He gives us no? This week in the Book of Mormon I was reading int he early chapters of Mosiah. Where King Benjamin was speaking to his people for the last time. He talks about how our Eternal Father gave us everything. Our bodies, our spirits, the agency we have. He goes on to say that we need to be grateful. He makes a very good and bold point. He says that with all that he gives us, and He only asks us to do so much in our lives. Why boast? Why can't we show our gratitude by keeping the commandments He has given us? I can testify that if you show more graditude by keeping the commandments, and telling Him through prayer, you will see your life change day by day. what a blessing!
So we had this amazing fireside on Sunday. Via Sekahema, who played on the Byu national championship team came and spoke to us about missionary work. He did something I found very interesting and way cool at the same time. He told us about an investigator he had baptized on his mission in South Dakota. The convert was there, and so was his former companion that he worked with when they baptized this man. They were holding each other so tightly as the reunited for the first time in over thirty years. They told the storty of his baptism. He then focuses on how this man got married and had to little girls. Those little girls got baptized also. Pretty soon after those little girls were sealed with their family in the temple. After that those little girls got married and sealed to their spouses in the temple. Right after he had described all of that. With tears rushing down his face. The spirit filled me so strongly. The spirit Testified to me that night that this is what the work is all about. It is about bringing families together for time and throughout all of eternity. So that way they may all have the chance to live with their Eternal Parents and there earthly parents as well. I know it is something that a lot of families would love to have. They don't know of this great plan our Heavenly Father has for us. This is where I come in. I am here to tell them that they can be with their Eternal and Earthly families for all of eternity. I want them to have that. So that way they may be able to experience the same joy I have experienced all though my life. That is what this great work is all about.
Tuesday night Elder Wickman of the seventy came and spoke to us in a fireside. After the fireside Elder Sanft (who actually jsut had a gall bladder removed taht day) got up in our district meeting and said. We have all sacrificed to be here. We are here now. So we can not waste our time here. The spirit testified this to me as i was listening. I learned taht if you do not use this time wisely, and are not "anxiously engaged in a good cause" You could essentially alter the course of your future investigators progression. That would eventually leading the people to not accepting the gospel. Which could totally alter their life here, and after. It is SO CRUCIAL that we do not waste our time as missionaries. This goes for preparing missionaries too! Please Please start now. Read the Book of Mormon Everyday, Pray often, Have faith, repent, and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Start now! So that way you will be able to lead you investigators to the waters of baptism, and to the temple. So that they may be sealed to their families for eternity.
Sorry i went off on that. I guess maybe someone who will read this be needing it. Beacause that was a prompting I had to type to you today.
Thanks for all of your letters and packages! I will be getting everyone I can a letter! Let me know how your week goes! I only have two more weeks left here and I have a lot of work to do! I better start now eh??
hahah thank you for your support!!
La iglesia es verdadera!!
Te amo mucho!! Ciao!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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