Monday, April 30, 2012

Week two in the Field!

Hey Everybody!!
Wow! Another week has gone by! It was a very good, and tiring week. Meaning that we ahve been working hard and doing our best to teach as many people as possible! I have been out in the field for two weeks now. The weather is so hot, but at night it is so perfect. I love it so much. So this is what happened throughout this last week.
 So so to start things off, I was given a call on saturday night during our planning and was told that the missionaries in the ward i'm in were going to be giving talks in church. Of course this was a shock for me, because normally i have about a week worth of preparation to get a really good talk ready. Plus it was all in spanish. Which really worried me. I picked a few scriptures, and had a few sentences ready in Spanish that I was going to say. I was given the subject of talking about missionary work. Because my companion is starting a new program where he gets the members to invite more people to church activities or to listen to the missionaries. I guess taht has been the a real struggle here in this area. We know taht the best way to get the best investigators is through the member referrals. So we were asked to speak on missionary work and how we can work together to get this work progressing. I shared Mosiah 28:3, and I talked about how we know the great blessings taht come from this great gospel. We have such a great knowledge of this gospel and how we can live with our Heavenly Father and our families forever in the celestial kingdom. So why not share taht with all the people we know? Because we are all brothers and sisters here. We should desire that all know about this great gospel, we should help all come unto Christ. I then went on to talk about that if we work together, we could bring many people into this church, and into this true knowledge. It was crazy because i did that all in spansih. I'm so grateful that the Lord gives us the gift of tongues. Becasue without it I would be dead meat here. haha
So we got ourselves seven people with baptismal dates. That is three more than last week I believe, We have been working hard and have been lead by the Lord to those who He has prepared to hear His gospel. I believed I talked about Michelle Rodriguez last time. She is the one that is the most progresssing right now. She has been doing so good. she reads every reading assignment we give her, and she says they really help her even though she may not understand all that it means. That's what we are there for. She even came to church yesterday. That was huge to me. Because she had to get up and get all four of her kids ready for nine o' clock church. And for Latinos It's very hard to get up really early on a saturday. Because they like to be out late. She's about twenty five and she has four kids. So I was very happy to see her at church. she recognizes how when she follows the teachings of the Gospel such as prayer, reading the scriptures, and going to church. She sees the blessings from doing those things. like she said one time she was praying and she went to the store and a man gave her a bag and said " this is a gift for your baby" because she was pregnant. she opens the bag up and found seventy dollars in it. That was a time where she didn't have any money, and no work either. She knew it was a tender mercy from the Lord. It is another example of how the Lord prepares other people to hear and accept the gospel. So we found a "golden" investigator this last week named Miguel. He is twenty and stopped us while we were walking the streets one night. He asked us questions and said taht he was lost and no idea where to go. We came back about five time sthis week and taught him the restoration, the plan of salvation, and some of the commandments. I swear this man is going to be a general authourity some day. I say that because everytime we share a scripture with him he just makes it so deep and he takes it a completely different way than Elder larsen and I do. It's pretty crazy. the only sad part was that he didn't come to church this week because he said he wasn't feeling well. I hope he was being truthful about it because he even asked if he was invited to go to church. So he was way interested. Pretty neat how agian the Lord Prepares the people. Another investigator who has been taught by the missionaries for about two years now has just accepted a date to be baptized. Waht has been keeping her from getting baptized is because her partner and her have been wanting to get married, but they have been putting it off  for a very long time now. One night Elder Larsen and I went in  and told them that they needed to get it taken care of quickly. So that way they can get the work done now instead of having to get it done later. Plus they could enjoy the blessings of having an eternal family here. They accepted and are planning on getting married soon. What a Miracle!!! Oh and I had my first bash the other day at a investigators house. We went over to teach this older couple who had accepted a date and found taht some of there daughters had been over there when we went. So we invited them to listen and they accepted. One of the daughters was way stubborn and a hardcore catholic. She jsut kept blabbering about how we don't have prophets and how we cant recieve revealation anymore. It was funny, but also very dumb.
It was a crazy week, Elder larsen and I are just working all the time! I'm always tired by the end of the day so it's been good. I have seen many miracles as you can see. okay missionary preppers. My advice for you is to start to really study the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel asap!!! Get into the doctrine and really know it and love it and apply it in your lives today. Even if it's just ten minutes, that is a really good start!! I'm telling you this so you can be prepared and give amanzing thoughts to your future investigators, or even any of your friends that have questions or are having a really hard time in their lives. YOu will see that the Lord is preparing people to hear you testify to them now! and President Monson said that their is no better combination than doctrine and a testimony, I believe it with all of my heart.
well it's about time for me to end my letter. Please Please pray for me. This has still been pretty hard for me to go thorugh. At times I still get very homesick.and the language has been pretty frustrating, But i'm trying everyday to get better at losing myself in the work. So I'm doing what I can!!! Oh and mom thank you for your package! and letters!! dad, I've decided that when you ask me questions i will personally write you back. and when you get it you can respond it in an email and ask me more questions. that way we can get it flowing good. OH and thank you for writing me letters! I always love it when i get mail. Thank you for your prayers and support. you are all awesome and I lvoe you all so stinken much!! can't wait to write home next week! Les Amo mucho!!!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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