Monday, April 23, 2012

First Week in the Field

Hey everyone!
Wow! It's hard to believe that i'm out and in the mission field. So many things have happened and i'm keeping very very busy!
okay so my companion is the hardest working missionary I know. That is waht everyone is telling me and I believe it. Why? Because I am so tired. Physically, Mentally, and everything else! we do have a car to drive, but we are almost out on miles so we will be doing a lot of walking this week. the weather has been getting very hot also so it's gonna be a party!  We have been studying and out teaching all of the time! This past few days i have invited six people to to be baptized. And we got three to say yes. Wow! What a mircale from the Lord no? but the problem with that is that they didn't keep their committments on going to church. but we hope and pray that they will be able to come and keep their committments soon. One name of these investigators is Michelle Rodriguez. She's had such a hard time lately. She was put in jail for something she dind't do, and she was in their while she was pregnant. Then she got out of Jail and had the baby. She's also trying to look for work but is not having success there. I think the Lord has prepared her to hear this message. She knows that the church is true and she wants to be baptized. I just hope and pray that we will be able to get her to keep committments we leave her with. Also, Last night we were walking the streets in La Habra (which by the way is my area) and we ran into a twenty year old guy and he stopped us and asked us a ton of questions. we taught him the first lesson right there and committed him to baptism as well. What great miracles I have seen since being here and I've only been here for a few days! Another family we have been seeing a ton is the Estrada Family. They are part member family. There is a grandpa and grandma. They had a daughter get baptized and her famiy is baptized. So we are working on getting the rest of the family baptized. The grandma wants to so bad, but her husband wants no part of it. But they have another daughter who isn't baptized. She's talked to missionaries for a while now. But just the other day we went over and visited and we got her to commit to a date. So we are making progress! but still so much stuff to do here. So my random but kinda funny story is yesterday we went to a less active's home to wake her up for church. We knocked, we knocked, and we knocked. She finally opened the door and we talked, i had no idea what she said cause it was spanish. and i look in the background to see a guy totally out cold on a couch. He was drunk. Bad. you wanna know how I know? cause there was a 24 pack of budlight empty, every can was opened. and he was out. I thought he was dead. But i'm sure he is doing okay now.
       Okay Dad. We only get mail once a week from the mission home. that day   is wednesday. so i figured if you want to get mail to me as soon as you can i think emailing would be the best. There is a printer here in the library and i'm going to see if i can put that to good use. cause if i were to write you and send you a letter home today I would probably get back to you on the 7th of May. that's when i would be able to write you. So it's pretty muted here. Which really sucks, but it's a rule. So i figure I'm going to write you a letter anyway. and maybe if you get it before next monday you could email me or response. and you could also write me it too. just so that way we can see what the best way andn the way we want to do it okay? So expect two letters, Cause i'm going to email you another one k? So keep sending packages as you wish! I have nothting to snack on when we are home and i can't really afford it because they gave us a $150 a month and we arent suppose to use our own money. and elder larsen is a exact obedient kind of guy so yeah...i'm not afraid to if i need to, but yeah and when you do send a package send a bunch of letters!! I would love to have something to read at night.
     Sounds like you guys are staying busy and are having a ton of fun! I miss you guys so much. this has already been such a humbling experience. the Latinos here are amazing. They came from somewhere totally bad and where they couldn't survive, to where they can survive, the circumstances are still bad, but they make the most of it. For example we went over to a less active members home to teach him, and I came to find out that he lives in a garage. He had two beds, a tv, and that was about it. and he wsa in his mid sixties at least. So Everyone be thankful for what you have. Because a lot of people here have it a lot worse than you.
    Alright missionary preppers. you know who you are. here is a quick thought before I have to go. This summer, go to as many camps, and efy and all that stuff. why? so that way you can learn to cope with homesickness. Because that is my biggest challenge right now. it has been so hard for me to be out here because of this. Always go to Heavenly Father for everything. He is always there for you.
Love you all and I will write to you guys next week and let ya know how it went. I LOVE YOU ALL SO STINKIN MUCH!!

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