Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I made it to California!

Hey all!!
I am here to send ya a quick message to let you know that I have arrived safely to the beautiful state of California! It was so good to hear from my family. I loved hearing your voices, your jokes, your fun activities coming up. Sounds like the Ollerton family is staying really busy! Which is really good to hear!
So I flew in a small Delta airplane just like the one we flew in when we last came in right before I left on my mission. It was really full and compact. It was so weird, I felt famous because a ton of people would come up to us and say "Good luck Elders!" I felt so loved. I also felt love of the people who told us that. After I arrived, President Bowen and some other missionaries met us at the baggage claim and picked us all up. I could feel the love of them as they all embraced me with a warm welcome. After they all took us to the mission home in Santa Ana and we watched a movie on saftey in the mission and we had lunch after. I then had a interview with President Bowen. President Bowen is such a great man. I have come to know him a little right now. I just had an interview with him and it went really well. I am going to enjoy having him as my mission president. Sister Bowen is awesome too. They can't stop talking about how the great the mission is here. I'm so excited to get to work!
President Bowen told me about my trainer. His name is Elder Larson, He is from Idaho Falls, and he's been in the field for about five months now. He's young to the field, but President said that he has been on fire and the area i'm going to is on fire. President said that he is such a great missionary and that I'm going to love serving with him. I bet he's right. I get to meet him in a few minutes and i'm really excited. I'm not sure what else is scheduled for today, but i'm way excited to get to work. My area is going to be in Fullerton.
Well I probably ought to go. I was told to take a quick nap so I'm going to do so. Tahnk you for all of the support you have given me! I can't wait to report the work to ya soon! Look out for my Email. oh btw the address to send letters is the address in the packet Mom. thanks again! Te Amo con mi todo Corazon!!
Elder Dallin Ollerton

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