Thursday, March 29, 2012

Six Weeks in the MTC...and all is well

Hey everyone!!
Wow! It's hard to believe that I have been here for six weeks. Only tres mas to go! So with our investigators, they are all doing well, we are currently teaching all about the commandments they need to follow for baptism. Oh and Abraham, our TRC investigator, Just got a baptismal date. How exciting huh? Elder Farnsworth and I are planning on picking up a few new investigators within the next few weeks. So we are keeping very busy.
So Saturday was a very interesting day. The morning seemed to be going pretty normal. We had class with Hermano Corbett, and then we had personal study. Since i'm in training to be the Zone Leader I went to do personal interviews with the current Zone Leaders. We were talking to Elder Seely (district leader of my district) and he brought up a concern about someone in our district. He was never sleeping, he would end up sleeping in class and during our personal study time. He always looked like he had something going on in his head. You know, like when you see someone stare at the same spot for like ten minutes and they just look. For me when I usually do that it's when I'm deep in thought. I knew it was the same with this Elder. I heard there was something going on with him and that we needed to have him in our prayers. I had decieded that moment that I was going to fast for him. After we were done with our interivews I walked in and had a question concerning doctrine. I was talking to Elder Lyman about some of those doctrine questions, and then all of a sudden, Elder Nobles taps me on the shoulder, I look at him, and he had tears just rushing down his face. I instantly knew what was going on. My fear had turned into reality. He told us taht he had some stuff he had to take care of, and the district president said that he needed to take care of this buisness at home. So in other words he was going home. He asked taht we give him a blessing right before he left. Elder Seely gave the blessing, but i was in the circle. I have never felt such great power surge through my body than ever before. I could feel the spirit so strongly. I knew that everyone else did too, because everyone else was in tears just like me. was incredible. Dad, I never thought you would be right when you told me how hard it'll be to leave your district because they feel like family to you. Let me tell you that I know now that this is true. To me it was almost, i stress almost, it was almost like when i was saying goodbye to you guys. It was so hard to see Elder Nobles leave. But it was so good too. Because I know that he is making the right decision to go home. So that way the companionship of the Holy Spirit may be able to dwell with him always. Isn't it such a wonderful blessing to have the Holy Ghost? I know it is so good to have. Because the Holy Ghost is there for us to do the right things. It's there to protect us from the temptations of the adversary. Which is critical to do in this life. So that way we can obtain eternal life (2 Nephi 31:20)
So another quick thought I have is on the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This week I heard a thought by someone in our district about how he would start to pray and repent daily. He would feel the love of the atonemnent as he would do this. I don't know how bad this is to say this, but i never really thought about asking for forgiveness everyday. We all know we sin. and It's so important we repent daily. So that way we can always have the spirit with us. Like I said before. It's absolutely crucial that we ahve the spirit with us always. So that we can be guided and sanctified. So i would jsut encourage you all to try it and see the power it has.
I'm so excited for conference! I hear as missionaries conference is the best because all of the talks talk about missionary work. I'm so exicted to be able to learn from our Heavenly Father's prophet and apostoles. Because it's through them that God speaks to us. (D&C 1:38 i believe). I can promise you all, especially the upcoming missionaries of our Heavenly Father. If you go into conference with a question. I can promise you taht our Heavenly Father will answer it through our prophets, seers, and revelators. So I challenge kyou all to make some questions. Prayerfully watch and look for that answer. Becuase you may never know how God will answer you prayers.
Thank you so much for all of you letters and the package! I love hearign from all of you! I cant believe that Kylie and Madeline are engaged, well I can, but you know whtat I mean!! haha And CAmeron I want you to write me a letter and let me know how the pinewood derby goes! I'm so glad taht you are through 1 Nephi as a family! Keep reading! There are so many great treasures in the Book of Mormon that I have never realized before. I hope you all find a time to read them personally too. Because it's so great! I've read from 2 Nephi to Enos this week and i've found so many great things! I love it!
Well for whoever wrote me this week expect another letter back within the next few days! Sorry i have to go now. But i love you all and miss you all so much!! talk to you all soon!!! Te Amo Mucho!!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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