Thursday, March 15, 2012

MTC Hump Day!

Hey everyone!!
So today is my fourth pday here at the mtc. which means my first month of my mission is complete. Pretty crazy huh? it seems like it has gone by quickly, but at the same time it's been an eternity here! haha but i'm doing good!
So last friday elder farnsworth and i go into teach one of our 'investigators' and he was totally drunk! haha it was a difficult situation to handle. cause we would try to have him read scripture and he would fall asleep while reading. he would also pass out while we were teaching him. we didnt know how to handle it, so we gave him a short message and told him we would comeback. and yesterday we taught him again and I could feel the spirit so strongly. I was prompted to say and promise some things to him. like if he started to stop drinking he would be blessed. He must have felt it too because he committed to us taht he would live the word of wisdom! way cool huh? when the spirit prompts you do not ignore it!!
and later that day i had a meeting with one of the zone resource teachers on finding and applying principles of the book of mormon. ya know, i really wanted to learn how to feast upon the words of Christ. Because i knew taht if i would be able to i would be able to use the scriptures more effectively in my teaching. plus my testimony of the book of mormon would be strengthened. and sure enough that happened! i learned how to really feast. and my eyes have been opened a lot more wider than they were before. if you look back at 1 nephi chapter one. it is totally talking about joseph smith and the resoration! cool huh?
so my district was randomly picked to be in a new program at the mtc. they call it trc progressing investigator. it's basically like trc ( when you teach members) but its a investigator. i guess the mtc hire actors to come and play an investigator. so we have no idea who they really are. some could be members, some could actually be nonmembers. we have no idea about our. and they are natives so we get to hear the real accent and everything too. so this is about as real as it could get here in the mtc. which is really nice because now we can have an experience like missionaries in the field will have, but we can experience it here. so its a good way to practice our spanish and teaching skills. my investagator is Abraham. he is a 57 year old teacher. has five kids. one passed away. and he has been apart of the baptist church for 20 yrs. elder farnsworth and i were really worried at first. but he totally opened up to us. he wanted to know where his son is. it was so neat to be able to teach him about the plan of salvation. we told him he could find his answers through the book of mormon. so i gave him mine. hahaha cause we didn't have a paper copy. but we got one now so we are going to switch with him today when we teach him. but it's been such a good experience. i'm grateful we have him. elder tonga and seely got a hardcore catholic lady who didnt have any interest and told them not to comeback. haha but they did anyway and they got her interested. the Lord works many miracles.!!
We are also continuing to teach Claudio, he is so close to baptism!! i hope and pray that the spirit can testify to him the truthfulness of the gospel. I know taht these investigators aren't necessarily real. well one may be now. but i it's so important that we as missionaries do this as we prepare to enter the field. These investigators were real investigators at one point. so its interesting to see the people my teachers had the opportunity to teach in there missions. i cant wait to get to california! it's gonna be so great!
Thank you so much for the packages! tre tre thank you so much for the tie you picked out for me! when i got it the first thing i did was put it on! i love it! thank you so much! Thank you for keeping me updated with everything back home! sounds like you guys have all been out hiking a ton! sounds like so much fun!! oh and thanks for the story about cameron. i laughed so hard when i read taht letter. hahaha! tell him i love him and miss him dearly! i hope easton does well at sunshine! those were some of the best memories i have from baseball! its something he'll never forget! Justin i wish you the best of luck at track! and freaking write me! i wanna hear everything tahts going on!
So it's been an adjustment! but i'm finally getting used to life here at the mtc! one month down, one more to go until i'm out to the beautiful state of california!! oh btw i will be sending pictures home in a letter today! so expect to see some of my adventures thus far! Well it's about time for me to go! i hope that im writing enough for you! i love you all!
Yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo is la verdadero. Yo se que espritu santo es un guiar por nosotros. cuando ustedes escuchan el. ustedes poderan bendice todos los dias! Te amo todos mucho!!
Elder Dallin Ollerton

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