Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letter on 3/1/12 Two Weeks in the MTC

Hey Everyone!
Holy cow! Another week has past us. This week has gone by so much faster than my first week here. Which has been nice. but i feel like i'm so behind! So one of my companions, Elder Frei, left to head out into the mission field. AKA roseville california. he was such a great example to Elder Farnsworth and i. I'm gonna miss him a lot. haha he had to report to leave at 3 AM yesterday morning. ha Lets just say i didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night, but it's all good!
So I had a crazy experience the other day. I was sitting in the choir seats for devo on tuesday and guess who came in?? Elder Holland! I was able to see him and listen to him speak to all of the missionaries in the MTC. it was incredible! his talk was a lot like the one in preisthood session of confererence last time. He got up and told us that we are one of the main symbols of the church, and we cannot do anything to compromise this great tradition. He also spoke about the importance of having a testimony of the Book of Mormon as missionaries. So Justin, Easton, all other future missionaries. If you do not have a testimony of the Book of Momon, strive to get one now! I can testify that it will help you in the mission field. Elder Holland also taught us the importance of staying a missionary when we get off of our missions. People look at RM's as an example. I know that the RM's i know have been such a great example of this principle. So i will be the same when i get home. but that won't be for a while! haha!
So with my spanish, I have felt like there has been no progression at all. I'm pretty frustrated because i can see a lot of progress in a lot of the other missionaries in our district. I guess i'm kinda like zach and wish it would all come at once. i just know that i need to work harder so i can become the best missionary i can be. Teaching our investigators has been a real struggle also. Ever since Elder Frei has left, We have been struggling with our teaching. Our two investigators seem to not be making any progress. we can definitely feel the spirit as we teach. So i hope that they can too, that way they may be able to become members. Dad, do ya have any advice for me on how i can improve both? i know you've been through the same thing as i ahve.
so let me tell you a little about my district. Elder Brinley is our district leader. he went to byu and he is heading to barcleona spain. he is a really good basketball player and he has a great testimony. Elder Lyman is from blanding. it turns out we played each other in the ute shoot my senior year. he played for san juan. and they Beat us!! haha funny huh? He is in the national guard too so he's a tough cookie. he's going to madrid. but he has a soft heart. Elder anderson is from kansas city. He is coming with me to Anaheim. he is such a chatter box. he always makes great comments in class. Elder Nobles is from toole, he's a quiet guy and is going to everett, washington. Elder Seely is from Canada, but he grew up in st george. He is huge! like my height, but he has the biggest arms i have ever seen! haha he's heading to long beach California. His companion is Elder Tonga. another really big guy who is from cokeville, Wyoming. He is going to long beach too. And you know about me and my companion. We really do have a great district. I love it!
Thank you so much for all of your letters and packages! it's really so nice to be able to come home after a long and hard day and be able to read about what's going on back home! sounds like a lot of great stuff is going on!
Dad, Sounds like youre busy! i hope you are diong well! keep me updated!
MOm, i did get my suit pants! thank you and sorry for taking so long to get back to you on them.
Justin, How's it going? how did your bridge contest go? how are all the ladies treating you? haha let me know what's going on!
Tre tre, I heard you're sick!! :( are you feeling better? I hope and pray you get better soon! Sounds like you are doing really well at basketball! keep it up!
CAMERON!! I loved the letter you sent me! Are you feeling better too? I hope so! cause it's no fun when you can't play with your friends!!
Well everyone my time is up! i hope i was able to write enough!! if you have any questions jsut write me! oh and please please keep me updated!!
I love you I love you I love you!!
Elder Dallin Ollerton

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