Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey everyone!
It's been another crazy week here at the mtc! but it's been a good one! it's hard to believe taht i only have like three to four more pdays left here. Uncle Jared was right when he said "the days are long, but the weeks are short" it's so true! and i've had so many great experiences this week!
So to start off, i have three investigators. and this week elder farnsworth and myself got two out of the three to commit to bapismal dates! awesome huh? when the spirit is there to testify to the investigators its so awesome to witness the miracles we see daily! but we still have a lot of work to do with both of them. one has a problem with the law of chasisty and the other has one with the word of wisdom. but we are working diligently to help them make the right step to come closer to Christ! Our third investigator, abraham. is making huge progress and we've only taught him three times! we are going to ask him again tonight to commit to baptism. i hope he has received the answer that he needs to follow the example of Christ. I love teaching! i love the spirit it brings and how it not only strengthens the investigators testimony, but mine as well!
I had a crazy thing happen last friday. so i was going to the bookstore with my companion to get some items. and elder farnsworth saw a friend of his. so we stopped by to talk since we had a lot of time before class. I see another elder stand next to him and i, he looks so familiar. i look at his tag and i read the name "elder wind" i thought no way. I went up to him. and asked him if he remembered who i was. he looks at me for a few seconds and then yells "DALLIN!!" yeah, it was my roommate i had when i first went to efy when i was fourteen. it has been roughly five years since i have last seen or talked to him. but then we looked back at all of the great times and caught up with one another. he was heading to tempe, arizona in a few days, he went to hunter high. and we caught up on everything else. it was funny because he told me that the day berfore he was thinking about me and how cool it would be if we saw each other. it was so great. we are gonna start writing each other now because we became such good friends at efy. i can't believe i havent talked to him in that long period of time. so our friendship has been reunited! What a miracle no? I also see zach gardanier a ton too. in fact the other day we had a whole conversation in spanish. at the end we were like i'ts so weird taht we can speak spanish to each other. I also saw the markgrafs which was a great experience. and i saw les chappel this morning at the temple!
so on sunday i was in the classroom doing some personal study out of the book of mormon, and president cosgrave came in and asked if elder farnsworth and i could go out and talk to him. He then proceeded to ask us if we would be the zone leaders in training, so in two weeks time we would become the zone leaders of our branch. Wow! it was such a humbling experience. I can't believe i'm giong to be a zone leader. i just hope and pray that i will be able to serve the fellow missionaries in my zone with a love that Christ would. especially becaause we just got a new district in yesterday. I know that i have been called for a certain reason. and i know i will find out soon!
so the mtc is making a choir for conference. they had us fill out a survey telling us that we needed high school experience in order to be in it because of the limited time of practices. i filled one out hoping and praying taht i would still get called to sing. but i didn't...but it's okay because we ahve two from our district taht's going to! i'm so excited for them!
so the other day we read ether 12 as a class for a reading out of the book of mormon in spanish and english. i decided to search it out and study it for some things i found were very interesting. The importance of faith is so crucial for our salvation. we read in the early parts of chapter 12 taht without faith we cannot work miracles. this applies a lot to us missionaries. but i think that it's so important that you all understand the truthfulness of it. when i read this i began to think of football all over again. when we played timpview. i can remember practicing and preparing, i really believed and knew that we were going to win this ball game. and sure enough the miracle occured. becasue everyone thought that they were unbeatable. if i didn't have faith would we ahve won? who knows. but i do know this. without faith, we cannot work miracles. which is a huge part of testimony building in my opinion . i encourage you all to study ether 12 and ponder the words they say and how it can apply to you. you'd be suprised at what you find!
So guess who came and spoke at devo the other day? Elder Dallin H. Oaks! it was again so cool that i had the chance to be in the presecne of an apostle of the Lord. He spoke ont he importance of having the spirit with you as you teach. and a way we get that spirit is through partaking of the sacrament. It's so important that we do not take the sacrament for granted. pay attention to the promises we are given if we keep the covenants we renew weekly. we are promised that we will always have His spirit to be with us. I can testify that as you do this you will always have the spirit to be with you! and with the spirit you are able to receive revealation. which is something that we need in all of our lives!
Well my time is up for this week! i hope everyone is doing well and that Grandpa Hutching and Grandma Ollerton are recovering quickly from their procedures! thank you all so so so so much for our letters and packages! i'm sorry if i cant write ya this week, but i will get to you as soon as i can!!
La iglesia is verdadera!! Te Amo!!
Elder Dallin Ollerton

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