Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter on 7/2/2012

Hey Eveyone!!
It has once again been a very good and fast week out here in the mission field. it is hard to belive that i am here again typing to you all.
This week has been a very good week. We had a baptism yesterday for Victor Romero. Everything with that went very smoothly. Which was an answer to our prayers. haha Because the last one was very stressful. But we were able to get it all set up with time to spare. We got the programs ready. The font filled, Victor all dressed up. And we had a very good and short program. Short, sweet, and to the point. I loved the talks that were given in the service. Victor likes to hear from men with knowledge. So we told him about people we knew in the ward that were very knowledgilbe of the gospel. He picked Hermano Cerda. He was a stake president, bishop a few times, and he was a mission president out in Guatemala. He also taught institute for almost forty years. So we asked him to come and speak on the Holy Ghost. He did such a great job. He even told Victor that he should go on a mission. He could go in a year. In fact we could both be serving missions at the same time. HOw cool would taht be? He is awesome. Doing so good. He is truely a miracle. Because I can remember like it was yesterday wkhen we stopped his mom on the street for the first time. She was my first contact on the mission. She accpted another appointment. We came back and he was there, but he was more in the background. We were focusing on his mom more until he accepted a baptismal date. Then we went on from there and got him baptized. Pretty amazing huh? He is a great man, I cant wait to get him confirmed so he can come out and teach with us.
We also had the confirmations of David and Daisy Torreblanca yesterday. I was asked to participate in this ordinance. I was very honored of them to ask me to participate. We confirmed them in sacrament meeting. Next week David will be ordained to the office of a priest, so he can start to bless the sacrament. In a few weeks him and Humberto will bless the sacrament together. So cool huh? two recent convert brothers blessing the sacrament together. What a miracle. We have also been talking about going to the temple in a year. I can't wait to go with them. Oh haha I was talking to Humberto all about Utah the other day and now he wants to come out and visit Springville/utah sometime. haha maybe we'll have to get him a trip out here or something someday. I love that guy. This saturday we are going to go out to In n Out burger. I told him i was going to get a four by four to eat. And yes I'm doing it for you Justin. In your honor i'm going to die from a heart attack this week. haha
So as far as other people we are teaching...we don't have a whole lot right now. We are in finding mode. Meaning we are going to be doing a lot of looking around for people to teach and seeing who is serious about the gospel. We actually have a family of eight we are teaching right now. They are very christian right now and go to another church. But we actually got two of the kids to come to church with us. They are the only ones who have a baptismal date, but we are going to continue to work with the parents and the other kids. That part of La Habra I do not like, especially on the weekends, I just got a little scared the other day. but i will be okay!!
I went to the doctor the other day. By the way I was describing my problems to him he said that there is no related problems to my headaches. So he gave me some stuff to help (tylenyol) and another prescription. (galetin?? i don't know how it's spelled) to see if that would hlep. He also wants me to go to a doctor to see if it's my eyes that are causing the problem. So i'm going to get an appointment there and we will see what happens. I haven't started to take the medication yet because I just got it today, but I will let you know how it helps next week.
Speaking of next week. I will probably be getting a new companion. I am finished with training after this week. Elder Larsen thinks that he will be transferred from our current area. Because he has been in the same ward and district his whole entire mission (about 9 months i think). I'll be honest i'm going to miss elder Larsen. He has helped me progress a ton in the gospel. he has also helped me to grow as a man. Last night we were talking about the memories we had and I can definitely say that I have grown and made progress since being out here in the field. I am so grateful the Lord put Elder Larsen into my life. I don't know where I would be without him.
The church is true everyone! I'm so grateful that you are all supporting me! I will get back to you all as soon as I can. Les Amo!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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