Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey all!! (otra vez)
this week has probably been the quickest week of my misson thus far. It has also been a very tiring one! haha but A great one nonethe less.
Well yesterday we had a baptismal service for David y Daisy Torreblanca. It was a beautiful service. Satan was doing everything he could though to keep the service from going on i believe. You could just say about everything went wrong in setting up for the actual service. We got a program ready, but there was an error. We had ward conference, and after I guess the stake decieded to switch out the old hard drive for a completely different system. So we had to change it back again just to get the program fixed which took forever. After that we had to go to the library in our building to make copies of the program. We go to make the copies and the printer said we were out of toner. We paniced for a while and then went to the English bishopric touse the printer they have in their office. it took twice as long, but we got the job done and got the font all filled up. When we showed up to the building where we were going to have the baptism at President Bowen was already there. I guess he heard wrong about what time we were going to have the service. So we got it all set up and started a little late. Because DAvid and Daisy showed up late...that scared us too. Oh and one of our talks cancelled on us too at the last second. But we asked Sister call to go up and share her testimony which was perfect. I baptized David first (in two trys) and Elder Larsen baptized Daisy. We got into the changing room after and Elder Larsen pulls something out of his pocket. It was our cell phone. Yeah he forgot to take it out when we went to go and baptize her. haha we just got a new phone at the mission office, so we are all good now (oh by the way elder sumsion says hi).
So it looks like we will be having another baptismal service this sunday for Victor. He is progressing really well. He is a very smart nineteen year old. Yesterday he came to church (missed work to go) and he was participating almost more than half of the time. Also David and Daisy were too. Our bishop asked them in the middle of sunday school "are you sure you aren't baptized members?" it was really cool to see. They are truely prepared children of the Lord. it has been a great experience. I'm very excited for this sunday as well.
Another great experience we ahd this week was follow up training. Basically it was like a huge companionship inventory. All the senior companions went to one room and the Junior companions went to another. We wrote down on paper three things we loved about our companion and three things we would change about them. I actually learned a lot of things I could do better as a missionary to be a better companion and a servant of the Lord. It was a great experience. Plus I got to see President Bowen. those are always the best days.
So we started to teach this guy from argentina. It's very difficult to understand him because of his accent. They have a very different accent when compared to the mexican one. also they don't say the same words that mexicans use. like I was talking to him and asking him something and he kept getting mad at me because it doesn't mean the same in his accent. It was more of a demanding kind of way to ask for something. it was pretty funny. Oh by the way with my spanish. The Lord has truely blessed me this week with that. I am now able to have a steady conversation with anyone. It's been pretty cool to see.
So momma, I just want to let you know that we are being fed very well. It's so cool because not only are the members feeding us, but our investigators are feeding us too. haha like this last thursday we had three dinners. Two of them were from investigators. I was so full by the end of the day, but it felt sooooo goood. I have really come to love the mexican food here. I love the people too. They are awesome. I just hope I can get an awesome companion in the next few weeks.
Well, that is basically all that has happened this week. We are truely blessed. This mission is starting to pick up. we had 12 baptisms as a mission last week. We are shooting for 400 this year, and if we can keep that up for the rest of the year we should be able to make it. we are planning on doing a lot of finding and I'm excited. This week in training i have to take the lead in all planning and teaching situations. That should be fun. We'll see how that goes and all. I'll let you know. I
I love you all!! Espero que ustedes tengan un buen semana!! Les Amo muchisimo!!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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