Monday, June 4, 2012

Week of 6/4/12

Hey all!!
It has once again been a crazy week up here in La Habra, CA. It has been a long, but very good week. I'll tell you why it was so long right now.
So earlier (tuesday I believe) I had some chinese food for lunch. It was food that a member gave us. We get it all of the time so I thought..sweet, more food i don't have to make. haha well guess what. That night I slept for about an hour. The rest I was in chills, or really hot. And I was going to the bathroom to take care of buisness. I was so sick that day. But that didn't stop me from working. It was a huge week because our "golden" Humberto Torreblanca was goign to get baptized that sunday, and we had a lot of work to do with him to make sure he is ready. So I pushed through. I am still pretty sick as of this very moment. I have been having the squirts and all since then. I"m trying everything I can. So hopefully it settles down soon.
But with Humberto. IT WAS AWESOMEE!!!! I say that because we went and taught him everyweek. Because at Rosa's baptism he told us that once we think he's ready, he wanted to do it. So we got started on the commandment. It turned out that he was already living the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, he was willing to live the law of tithing. He was already repenting, he was doing it all!! He had such hunger to know the gospel also. It was soo cool to see. He is truely one of the prepared ones of the Lord. We had a baptismal service for him yesterday. I was the one who actually performed the ordinance. I was so nervous because I had only done it once before, and I had to do it in spanish, but I was able to do it all in one try. That baptismal service was probably one of the most powerful moments of my Mission thus far. I turned to Humberto i was like "can you feel it?" he shook his head up and down and I said "I can too" It was sooo cool. I'm so proud of him. He even bore his testimony in sunday school and priesthood yesterday. He is such a solid convert.
Oh and also yesterday was the confirmation of my first convert, Rosa Estrada. She is so awesome and solid. She has a very tough life. She sees how much this gospel can bless her life. So we are very excited for her to be a member of this church. She now has the gift of the Holy Ghost. A gift that she has been wanting for a while now. So she can live happy now. And endure all the way to the end. I am very proud of her.
So last night we talked to Vivi. We had a solid lesson with her. Earlier in the day at church her friend got up to the pulpet to bear her testimony and she said "Vivi I hope you get baptized because this is a wonderful church" You could feel the power of love that she had for vivi. We have been working with her ever since we got here. and she has put off a baptismal date for a while. but we finally got her to settle a date for this sunday. She has already been taught everything. She just needs to do it. It's hard for her because her family is very catholic. Her grandma wants vivi to have nothing to do with the church. But I think vivi is going to put her influences aside and get baptized. Let's pray that that happens!
So that is basically what is going on! Oh we got a bunch of new baptismal dates this week. Humberto lives with his younger brother and his girlfriend. They both have been listening in on the lessons and they came to Humbertos baptism. They loved it and they both set a date to be baptized on the 24th of June. We have a lot of work to do with them. Right now We have to get them married. That is such a problem out here in cali. A lot of the Latinos have great intentions. but they literally can't afford to change. Like a marriage would put them both in debt. It's ahrd. but let's hope that it's different with David and Deisi (humbertos brother). Other than that we are just knocking doors, and talking to people ont he street! WE have to keep finding and finding everyday.
That is basically it for us here! We are working hard and thanks to the Lord we were able to bring two people into the waters of baptism and one into the church. I am excited to keep on pressing forward as hard as this work may be! I love you all and thanks for the support! Thank you for the updates and I will try to reply as soon as possible. But if you don't please don't worry. my companion is silly about mail. i don't get it. but whatever. I love you all!!! Talk to you soon!

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