Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week Six (First Baptism)

Hey all!!
What a crazy week it has been!! I'm sorry i didn't write yesterday. As you could see it was memorial day. and the Library was closed. Plus we had Elder Tinti with us. He is Elder Larsen's trainer. He left to go home today. He wanted to go and see some old investigators that he taught in his old area. So we were his escort. Sorry I don't have a ton of time. We are taking Elder Robinson (in my district last transfer) to pick up a new missionary he will be training. but I will tell you of some of the cool experiences that happened real quick.
So this sunday we had a baptismal service for Rosa Estrada. She is going to be a solid convert.This is my first baptism of my mission. It all went smoothly thank goodness. We got a program set up, we got everything put together. It was kind of stressful though because the English Elders had a baptism right before us in the same building. But none the less we got them out and we got started on time. As we were taking pictures with her (i attached one here. i hope you get it) she was telling us that as she was changing she got a message form somebody telling her that her son might be getting released from jail soon. That was something she had been praying about for years now. and the miracle occured as she was getting ready to be baptized. That was a promise we made to her as we were teaching her. It just goes to the that the Lord has our back and is willing to help us out. What a miracle it was. We first had a song and a prayer. We asked Rosa's sister Leticia to give a talk on baptism. She went up there to speak and just started to cry. She literally stood up there and started to cry for about two to three minutes. That was probably the most powerful moment of my Mission thus far. You could feel the spirit so strongly. Also you could just feel the love between Rosa and Lecticia. This was truely a miracle. I say that because Rosa had no desire to get baptized. But through her experiences of praying and reading the Book of Mormon she came to know for herself that it was true. Leticia almost couldn't believe that she was getting baptized. It was so powerful. After that we had a talk by Hermano Jauregui. A member of the bishopric. The baptism, a short testimony meeting afterward. Then we all went over to the Estrada's afterward to celebrate. This was probably the best day of my mission. Because as a missionary you work so dang hard. and to see someone you taught change and be baptized is truely the most amazing feeling ever. I testify that this work is true.
 We are still trying to work with Vivi and getting her baptized. She has been having a tough time recognizing her answers. We are going to talk to her tonight. She loved the baptism so hopefully she decides to get baptized this sunday too. What a miracle that would be if she did that. Please pray for that to happen. Oh and a really cool thing that has happened about this. So vivi is friends with the Estrada's. They have a bunch of friends that are her age that are really good friends. They are now getting interested in the church. One of Vivi's friends, her name is Alicia, got way interested. We talked to her mom and we got permission to teach her and if she chooses to do so we can baptize her too. We also did the same with another friend. Her name is Xantel and she is way interested too. When we go we end up teaching all of them together. So it's getting pretty interesting with that!
So earlier in the week we got a call from the sister missionaries that are in my area. They sent us a refferal of a man who wanted to hear from us that only spoke spanish. We went over and we got talking about the gospel and he asked us the question. "which of all the churches is the right one?" We went straight to Joeseph Smith and the restoration. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he accepted a date to be baptized on the 17th of June.  We came over later in the week and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ from preach my gospel. He believed it all and told us that the Book of Mormon is true. in fact he read on from what we asked him to read. He knows it's true, and  he wants to get baptized. He told us that he would do whatever it takes to get baptized. He came to church and loved it so much. He was so amazed by how friendly we are, he also loved the classes. We asked him if we wanted to come to the baptismal service and he accepted. He came and right after the service he had a ton of questions. Like "Do I need a lot of family here to be baptized? I don't have a lot of family." He asked that because Rosa's family came. They ALL came. so he was wondering if he needed that. we told him no. He said when we think that he is ready to be baptized he wants to do it asap. So we talked about it and plan on having him possibly getting baptized this sunday. He is what we call "un hombre de oro" a golden investigator. What a miracle! Truely shows that the Lord is guiding his missionaries to the elect.
So we just ended my first transfer in the mission (6 weeks). We counted up the total. and Elder Larsen and I taught 109 lessons. We aint slowing down either. What a miracle from the Lord. We are so blessed in this area. I went over to transfers because we had to take an elder there. I ended up seeing Elder  Jordan Sumsion there. I don't know if you know this yet. But Elder Jordan Sumsion was just made Assistant to the President. Yeah that's right...AP. Pretty incredible huh? He has changed so much since I last saw him. We caught up for a bit and all. so i'll be seeing him around a lot more now. Awesome.
I got all of the pictures. Thanks for the update. oh and dad FELIZ CUPLEAMOS A TI!!!! Happy Birthday Dad. you are truely the best Father any son could ask for. Thank you for your example. Thank you for everyting. I love you so much.
Thank you for the updates!!! I probably wont be getting a written letter to yall this week. but next week for sure! Cuidanse! Les Amo mucho!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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