Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week Five (May 21)

Hey all!!
It has once again been a very crazy week out here in the mission field. So many things have gone on and a lot of changes have been made. So here they are:
Investigator wise...Rosa was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but guess what? She didn't...She called us during the week to have us help her out with moving some stuff from a storage unit she had but was losing because she was unable to afford it. After we rushed over to help her we got talking about the program for the baptism, and she said she wasn't sure that she could do it this week. As you probably could guess, my heart sunk clear to the bottom of my foot. She went on to say that she got called and scheduled to work that sunday. The day of her baptism. And she was scheduled to only work on that sunday this month. Of course. Plus other family members would be unavailable to attend because they didn't know it was going to be here so quickly and they needed to schedule work off. So we are planning on having the baptism this sunday instead. She is going very strong right now. We are so dang proud of her. This is really such a miracle from the Lord. When I first got here she had no desire to be baptized. She said there was something different about us than the other Elders that were there previously. She really prayed one night, and that is when she got her answer. And she has been going strong since then. We are so proud of her and are continuing to pray that this week goes by smoothly for her.
Miguel.....oh boy. So we taught him word of wisdom and the law of chastity. He said he has no problem with the Law of Chastity. But he's had a problem with the Word of Wisdom. He has told us that he can't do it. We've  been trying to work with him to help him. but nothting seems to be working at all. So we decieded that if he doesn't come to church than we were going to drop him. He has told us for the last four weeks that he was going to go to church, but hasn't. He didn't come this week. So we are going to go over someday and tell him that we can't teach him unless he is really willing to keep his committments. really sad..but at least we planted the seed.
Michelle....She keeps telling us that she doesn't feel ready to be baptized. We kept praying and searching for why that would be, and we began to look for a way to teach her so we could help her feel more ready. She didn't realize she was going to be baptized this next week. And we figured out last night why she doesn't feel ready. It's because she ahs a boyfriend in Jail right now. He will be getting out soon. She knows that she wants to get married to this guy. But she knows that he wants to go back to mexico and live there for a while. So that would mean she would be breaking the law of chastity. And she doesn't want to make the covenant of baptism knowing that she is going to be breaking one of the commandments of God. So she really means well. It's just too bad...So essentially we will be dropping her too. Pretty sad but we understand. Its a very complex situation. We hope she gets baptized soon.
With Vivi, things are looking very solid with her. She has trouble with not praying or worshipping the virgin mary. Throughout the week we have been talking with her about that and trying to help her understand why. She prayed, and yesterday after church she told us that praying to God just feels right. Also, the restoration, the plan of salvation, and everything else helps her feel good and it just feels right. We explained that it was the Spirit testifying to her the truth. She knows she has an answer. So she is going to get baptized on the 27th also. So we plan on having possibly three baptisms this week. What a Miracle!!
So those are some of our main investigators right now. We met this cool guy named Hunberto yesterday. The sister missionaries gave us his name because he speaks spanish. We go over there and he told us that he is looking for the truth. He wants to know what's right. So we taught him about Joseph Smith right there and he accepted to be baptized on the 17th of June. So we have a few new investigators. Pretty exciting.
Also, we were in the middle of our studies and we got a call from sister terry (senior missionary) telling us we were moving apartments. We had to move EVERYTHING!! couches, beds, desks, fridge, you name it and we had to move it. It was such a pain!! Now I know what it's like for you all to move out. We were so grateful that we had the help of the district. or else we would've been moviing all day. It was a cray day that day.
It's been such a crazy week. My spanish is getting better little by little. We've made a goal to speak more and so we are trying to do that. Also, i've been trying to knock more doors and contact people more so that way I can get out of my shell. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. haha I feel like I'm such a robot and so tense and all. But i'm getting more experience everyday. I hope and pray that I can continue to grow.
Alright, Bethany and Paul. Congrats on the baby this week!!! and Duncan and Lynzi, Congrats on the marriage!! A lot of great things are coming up and I'm so excited. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you everyday. I'm trying to get ya letters asap!!
Well it's time to go!! I'll write you all soon! have a great week!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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