Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 4 in the Field

Hey everybody!!
It's been another crazy but awesome week out here in La Habra! We've seen a lot of miracles today. I think in my opinion this was the best week i've had in mission thus far when it comes to the adjustments and getting into the routine and all. It's been a difficult and long process but It's been worth it and I know it will be worth it! It's funny though because we are moving apartments pretty soon. We are moving because of our neighborhood. Our very next door neighbor is what we call "nuts" haha I don't remember if I told you but my very first day our here in the field I came to the apartment with Elder Larsen to move and unpack. I hadn't been in the mission field for more than a few hours before a drunk guy was yelling at me saying a bunch of crazy stuff. It scared the heck out of me. haha and also the other day we came out and he was like "wazzzup guys" and then he went on to say to me " look dead tired. You okay?" hahaha As he was saying this I was in shock because he had these HUGE black rings under his eyes. and He looked dead tired. Pretty sure he was on something, but that is life out here! haha So it sounds like we could be moving tomorrow, but we will see for sure.
So, We seem to be losing some of our investigators. I say this because hardly any of them are coming to church. A lot of them aren't showing realy interest either. We still have our goal to baptize three people by the end of May. We had a miracle occur yesterday. We got Rosa Estrada to come to church yesterday. That was a huge step because with that she can now be baptized this next coming Sunday. We have taught her all she needs to know now. So we are going to be stopping by to make sure she is all ready to make her baptismal covenant with the Lord. What a miracle! She has been taught by the missionaries for a long time now. So we are so proud of her. Please Please Please pray for her this week.
So with Michelle, She is doing awesome as ever. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity. She accepted to follow both of them because she knows it's what she needs to be following. We have a small conflict with her though. She has a lot of piercings on her face and such. She found out that in order for her to be baptized she can't have any of those things on. It was hard for her to take at first. But I noticed that the last time we taught her she had one less face piercing on. So in spanish we say poco a poco. or in other words little by litttle she is coming along! She missed church this week which was a bummer. But she is getting super close. We have her scheduled to be baptized on the 27th of May. So please pray for her too!
We also found a new investigator this week. Her name is Vivi. She lives in the same apartment complex as the Estradas. She's fourteen, and she's friends with some of the Estrada Girls. It's always nice to have an investigator who has a friend who is a member of the church. It's been tough to teach her because we have to get permission from the parents to teach and baptize investigators who are under the age of eighteen. Her Mom is always working when we have the chance to go over there and try to teach her. So we havent been able to get the chance to ask for permission, until this week. I was on exchanges, but I heard that they caught the mom and asked for permission. Not only did she accept that, but they also taught her the first lesson and committed both the mother and Vivi to be baptized! What a miracle no? It was so awesome to hear about that. Vivi will be baptized on the 27th of May also. We have a ton of work to do with her so please pray for her!
So with Miguel we taught him the plan of Salvation last night and he generally accepted it. He feels a lot better now. He is starting to recognize the spirit which is so awesome!! But then he asked us about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chasity. And sure enough, We got problems there. He wasn't hesitant about telling us what was going on. So we have to push is date back now. Will you all pray for him too??
So those are our main investigators!! I went on exchanges this week with our district leader Elder Samuels. He is finishing his mission at the end of the transfer (two weeks) It was so great to work with him. I was also on bike so i got a lot of great exercising in. So here is some of the advice I want to share that maybe can help you in your lives right now and even help the Missionary preppers get ready. Okay...Learn how to be patient. Things wont always go your way, but as you learn to cope with the things that bug you. You will be able to conquer a lot. Some great scriptures that go with that that I read this week were in Alma 32:40-43. Also, don't think that it is a sin to talk about stuff about home and such things when you are on your mission. But when it comes time to go out and work, focus on the work. Don't get too distracted or else you are going to not have the spirit with you. If the spirit isn't with you. Not only can't you teach, but you won't be able to find "those that will receive you" Be obedient!! That is how  you serve a sacred mission. Learn to be able to communicate with others your concerns in a loving matter. Especially with your companion, make sure you know what you are both thinking and how you feel about certain things. READ FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON DAILY!!! And when you do this look for the prinicples that help you out, but also think to yourself "how can this help someone else out?" That's where the revealation comes in. And you remember the scriptures better.
So that is what I learned this week! Oh and Dad to answer your question I leave at one only for the first twelve weeks! After that I leave to go to work at noon. That's how every other Elder is. Okay!! thank you for your letters! Tell the sumsions Thank you for the tie!
It's been such a great week! I loved having the chance to talk to my family yesterday. Another tender mercy of the Lord. I loved hearing about everything that is going on! Keep me updated!! Tina and Breanna tell me the names of the Elders here and Iook for them!!! Expect letters coming and my photo card!! Write you soon!!! Les Amo Siempre!!!
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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