Monday, July 16, 2012

Letter from 7/16/12

Hey everyone!!

It has been a cray week out here in sunny Anaheim/Orange California. A
lot of great things are starting to happen out here. Which is such a
blessing from the Lord.

So This is my first week in this new area. I got to the new area with
my new companion Elder Excell. Some of the first words he told me was
"This area hasn't had a baptism in a while." Of course as you could
imagine it brought me down a little, knowing that in about a years
time this area hasn't seen a baptism. But at the same time it really
didn't affect me at all. Because the last area I was in, La Habra, was
in the same shape, if not worse shape when I got here. And we found a
lot of success there. I knew we would be able to find people. I can
just remember telling him "Well Elder...Let's hit the pavement" haha
So we have been doing a lot of finding this week. Because they
literally had five investigators that were in their area book. and
they were all the Eternal investigator type. I told him that we should
go and see them and see if they are serious about being baptized. So
we started at this girls house. Her name is Rachelle. She has been
investigating the church for about two years now. She is twelve years
old. Her dad is a member, but the hard part about it is that her dad
was deported back to Mexico not too long ago. Besides her dad, she has
no other support at all. We tried to teach her mom, but she wasn't
interested at all either. So we stopped by a few times, and invited
her to be baptized a few times. She denied. So it looks like we are
going to have to stop teaching her. Really unfortanute, becase she is
a really nice girl.

We went out finding one day and i saw this lady cleaning her sofas out
on her yard. We offered to help her out and she said she was done. We
offered her a card. Which then turned into a prayer, which turned into
a lesson, then we invited her to be baptized. She accepted. So we are
going to be following up with her tomorrow to see if she has been
reading the book of mormon. WE are very exicted about that.

WE also found a man the other day while he was taking a break from
work. we gave him a card and explained about the restoration and why
there are so many chruches out here on the earth today. we told him
how he could know for himself by reading the Book of Mormon. So we
gave him one, got his information, and left. Just the other day we had
an appointment fall through, and Elder Excell wanted to see antoher
former investigator. I just thought of Miguel and said that we should
stop by. we knocked on his door and his wife answered the door. Then
she looked back when we asked for him and he was dead asleep. haha but
he woke up, and we came in and followed up on him. He had actually
read the introduccion and the testimonios de los ocho testigos. He
said he's wanted to change his life for a while. for his family. But
something has been making him put it off. I told him that we are here
now, and we are going to help him. I'm really excited about Miguel. He
has some great potential.

So when I got here I learned that we had an investigator with a
baptismal date. His name is Daniel. he is about nine years old. He is
the son of a less active member. I guess he always wanted to get
baptized. But I guess they hadn't come to church in a while and they
just missed him being baptized when he was eight. So now he has to
talk to the missionaries and receive the lessons. He is planning on
getting baptized this sunday. But we just started teaching him. They
want him to get baptized this sunday because he has other family
coming into town. It is a lot to take in for a nine year old though.
So i''m very skeptical that it'll happen. But miracles can happen
right? Will you please pray that this can happen? Dad, How do you
teach a nine year old? haha I'm not very good at teaching kids.

Well that is basically my week! I just thank you for all your support
again. I love you all and can't wait to hear about the things you are
doing. Les Amo siempre

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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