Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter from July 30, 2012

Hey everyone!
It was another very interesting week here in Anaheim California. A lot of great adventures and a lot of memories made.

Yesterday we had the confirmation of Daniel. It went so great. Elder Excell was the one that did the confirmation. After we ended the blessing he looked at me and said "I have that warm feeling again!" it was just a testimony to me that the Holy Ghost is real. Will you pray for his great grandfather? We had to give him a blessing the other day because he was sick. Hope he gets well enough to get back to Mexico.

So last p-day we were out and teaching. We were about to call it quits for the day when I got a call from sister Bowen. She asked me what had happened about the dog bite and I explained to her what had happened. She advised me to go and talk to the owners. I did so and they said the dog had all of the shots, but they had no document to show me that it was actually done. So sister Bowen told me to go to the emergency room to get it checked out in case there was any sign of me needing care. So that night we got to the hospital in Orange called St. Joseph. We went in and the ER doc got me checked in. He was asking me questions about where I was from and everything, I was guessing that he had dealt with elders before. Anyway I got checked in. we waited, we waited, and we waited. They finally brought me back and took my vitals. They sent me to a room where I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally a doctor came in and he told me that it looked like it was healing fine and I wouldn’t have to worry. Just to be sure they gave me a tetanus shot. Then they sent me home. We got home at about one thirty that morning, and then we slept for a few hours, and got back up and went into our regular routine. It was a fantastic night. Sister Bowen gave me another call and I ended up calling animal control and filed another report. So everything should be okay. I just now have a small fear of dogs. It was so funny because the other day I had another Chihuahua come at me and tried to bite me. Ha-ha but thankfully it was on a leash and it couldn't get me. So we are all good there.

This week has been a very hard week for our area. We taught a lot of people who had never heard the gospel before, which is good. The problem is that we don't have anyone who is progressing to the waters of baptism. We don't have anyone with a baptismal date, which is very unusual to have out here in the field. Nobody we have invited has accepted to be baptized. I don't know why that is. We just maybe aren’t' doing the best we can, or it could be the way we teach and invite, I don't know. But we are currently trying to work with a guy name Reuben. He actually had been with the missionaries in the past. He loves church. He went to an English ward before. We taught him about the restoration and he accepted to be baptized when he knows that the church is true. We have also gotten that same answer with a few of our other investigators. We just haven’t been able to find them since. But we are still working hard.

So my father asked me about the riots that have been going on in Anaheim and if I knew anything about them. Oh let me tell you I know all about them. On Tuesday night we were on our way to get a member to go to an appointment that we had. We were driving down this main road where we saw a bunch of police cars with their lights on driving. We pulled over and I counted close to twenty police cars from about five different cities drive down the road. We were just like "what the heck" we parked in a parking lot of an insurance agency and walked to the member’s home. We got him and walked outside and saw a huge crowd of people walking down the sidewalk and the middle of the street. A lot of them had bandanas around their faces and had flags, signs, and all kinds of stuff. We had a lady tell us "you better get out of here. They are throwing stuff" we looked back and sure enough they were throwing rocks, their flags, and whatever they could at cop cars as they were driving by. Some of the stuff landed by us as we were standing there. Then they all started coming our way. They probably thought we were cops or something. We then ran for our car and got the heck out of there. After that we were driving home where we saw a dumpster out in the middle of the street and it was smoking. Apparently they pushed dumpsters out and lit them on fire too. It has been crazy. We even ran into them again when we were with the other elders going to dinner yesterday. They asked us to join them and I was like why? Ha-ha it’s been crazy. But we have been protected from all of the riots and everything. So mom.... don’t worry okay? With faith the Lord will protect His missionaries.

I also went on exchanges with Elder Farnsworth this week. He is actually companions with Elder Larsen right now. It was so much fun. We stayed up a little late talking about the MTC memories, as I would read from my journal. We also went out and worked. It was so neat to see it. Because we were companions in the MTC. And we were working together out in the field. It was so crazy to see the growth we had made since the MTC. It was a great experience, and I actually learned a lot from him.

That is basically all that is happened this week! It’s been a crazy one. I thank you for all of your support. Will you please pray for our area and that we may be able to help others start to progress to baptism? We are struggling right now and could really use it. Love you all!! Thanks again!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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