Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Letter from July 23, 2012 (Sorry its late; we were at Lake Powell)

Hey everyone!!

It has been another crazy week out here in Anaheim California. It has
been super hot out here. (or it feels like it at least) So this week
we had a baptism! Yahoo! It was for Daniel. He is nine year old nad is
the son of a less active member, he missed being baptized while he was
eight. so he had to be taught by the missionaries. He had a baptismal
date for yesterday when i got here, but he hadn't been taught anything
at all. Which really worried me, but we were able to go over to his
house everyday and teach him all that he needed to know in order to be
baptzed. He was so funny. We did a lot of object lessons. like rocket
faith. where you get an empty tea bag (bigaloe is the brand i think,
it's herbal haha) and you stand it on ones hand. you light the  top of
it on fire and at the end when it's about to burn your hand, it lifts
off and it flies. He loved that one. His mom not so much. haha and we
did other fun object lessons too. At times he would start to fall
asleep. I would ask him if he was getting bored of me, but he was jsut
tired. I guess he was preparting to do five different dances at his
cousins Quincenera (sp). and he was practicing for like five hours a
day. crazy, but we had the interview and he passed with flying colors.
The cool part about this baptism was that his great grandfather was
visiting from Mexico, and he performed the ordinance yesterday. So
cool huh? not very often you see a great grandpa baptize his great
grandson. it was a really neat experience. Super stressful day, but in
the end he was baptized and i was so dang proud of him. Waht another

So other than that we haven't really had much success in finding
people who are willing to listen to us. haha one day (friday?) All of
our appointments fell through, none of our backups were home, so we
just went everywhere we could go to find somebody to teach. We went to
the apartment of a man we contacted to learn that he really didn't
live there, but we taught him lesson one and he was very receptive. IN
the end we gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to pray to end our
lesson (we always do taht). He jsut stared at the ground for a minute.
looked at us and gave us the book of mormon back. We were so confused
because we thought he was totally into it. but he wasn't. We drove
over to another area to see someone. WE got out and started to walk to
the home, As we were walking I saw a small dog on the sidewalk coming
towards us. It started to bark at us like all dogs do. but then all of
a sudden I saw it coming straight towards me. It started to run, then
It jumped at me and started to attack me. The dog jsut was attacking
me for like thirty seconds. just sitting there trying to eat me alive.
The owner was a kid and all he was doing was yelling at the dog to
stop. I was freaking out too. i finally got the thing off of me and
kept going. We tried to teach a lady but she didn't accept. after I
felt pain on my leg and pulled up my pants and sure enough, there was
dog bites on my leg. my leg was bleeding too. YOu could only notice
about two bites where it got me really good. i was in shock. hahaha
but i'm still alive. i've cleaned it out and all. NOw i have a small
fear of dogs out here. haha

So yeah...we are really in finding mode still, nobody really seems to
be interested. So i'm giong to be pulling the scientist that's in me
and start experimenting different ways of talking to people and
teaching. We have found some really cool people. LIke a lady who went
to our building to meet someone and we ended finding out that she had
been through a lot, cancer and all, but she knew that it was God that
helped her out. we taught her right here and committed her to be
baptized. we jsut need to find her again. we've had a real problem
with that. Pray that we find her eh?

Also we have been having a really hard time finding another
investigator who we have been teaching that wants to be baptized. His
name is miguel. He told us that he has been wanting to come to chruch
with us these past two weeks, but we haven't been able to find him in
that week's time. So we are really worried that we will lose him. He's
already reading in the Book of mormon and everything on his own. So we
have to find him. Will you pray for him? and that we can find him too?
WE really need all the help we can get.

Also we are teaching a 70 year old woman who wants to be baptized. she
accepted a date so quickly, i couldn't even finish the invite without
her saying "si!" so quickly.
so That is basically my week. I would just ask you all if you would
pray in our behalf taht we can find someone who is willing and
prepared to hear our message. we ahve been having a real struggle with
that. but we are going to keep on fighting. I love you all and I can't
wait to hear from you soon!

Les Amo Simpre. tengan cuidado cuando esten en Lake Powell. Regresen
con seguridad!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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