Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Letter Home

Hey all!
These last few days have been so crazy! today is my fouth day at the mtc. My companions names are Elder Farnsworth and Elder Frei. Elder Farnsworth is from Mapleton but he hasnt lived there too long. Elder Frei is a 13 month convert from Seattle. He has been here learning in English. But his lung collasped and he was extended so now he wants to learn spanish. he is a very obeidient elder. sometimes buggy, but it´s all good! My companions and i have nothing in common at all! which makes it a really tough challenge. They are quiet and don´t say a lot. My district is awesome! i actually played football against elder Lyman in high school and didn´t even know it! funny huh. Oh and guess who knows the most spanish...thats right. this guy. everyone keeps coming to me for help with their spanish in there personal study time. it´s pretty funny considering the little spanish i had taken in high school.
It has been a long and hard few days! lots of headaches. the language is frustrating at times. ive been pretty homesick. but i know that through Chirst I can do hard things. we have already taught two lessons all in spanish to an ¨investigator¨ We were so worried taht we would not be able to communicate our thoughts in spanish. but thanks to elder frei and his dedication to planning. we made a script and read it. even when our investigator went off of topic the spirit was able to help us communicate our thoughts to him. It was muy animando!!
The food here is great! and i got everyones packages and that made it so great! oh btw my pdays aren´t actually on saturdays, they are normally on thursdays, but we are having a short one today for some odd reason.
In my personal study i have been reading through the old testament in the book of matthew about Christ and His life. I love the story in Chapter 16 where the woman had so much faith that when she touched his garment she was instantly healed. I think i can follow this principal more. I can tell when my companions and other elders in my district were struggling with there spanish it´s like they had no hope. So right before our lesson i was able to pray and tell Heavenly Father that i knew He could Help me with the language. So i am so grateful that Ihave Him in my life.
Well it sounds like life at Springville high is going well! Tell just to write me a letter asap! not an email, but a letter please! I have been fighting a sore throat since i got here. Dad any suggesions. i have some mouthwash as always. I´m still pretty homesick too. Elder Frei has been good to distract me. Too bad he´s leaving in ten days. Dad, I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for being so good to me. I know this will all pass with time. I hope I can find someway to relate to my companions, or it´s going to be a very long nine weeks here. They aren´t the normal type of people i would hang out with at home. but they are really good people.
Ay ay ay perdon! I´m all over the place. oh btw there is a really easy and quick way to get me letters in my hands! you go to and idk where else to go but you guys will find out i´m sure. have jbird try it out. oh and will you please have jalon send me one too about the thing i told him to do please! Esta es muy importante! Well it´s about time for me to go now. let me leave you a sort testimony.
Yo se que Jesucristo, es el un salvador. Yo se que el libro de mormon es la verdad, yo se que te que amo. I love you guys and I wish you all love until i hear from you! but i would love letters! like zach said it´s so nice to have something to read rather than wait a week. Te Amo!! Dios bendice!
Elder Ollerton

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