Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day One: The Day You Pray For

When Dallin was born one of the first things my mother talked about was "here is a future missionary". I was on board with that. We always planned on him serving a mission. We sang "I hope they call me on a mission...". Said prayers, went to church, etc.

Now that the day is here it is like a punch to the stomach (even worse for Dallin, he is sweating bullets this morning). I cannot imagine how I would feel if we were sending him off to war. The thing is we all know that this is the right thing to do. He needs to go serve the Lord. Not only for the people who need him, but for himself and the future family he will raise.

Three hours and counting until drop off at the Missionary Training Center. Bags are packed and sitting in the kitchen. Much pacing is taking place. "What do I do now for three hours?"

Personally I am excited for Dallin to begin this "adventure". So many great things are going to happen. He will discover himself and become more of a man than he is. He is far more prepared then I ever was.

I love you, Dallin


  1. Wow, Matt, you made me cry again. I am so glad I can follow Dallin, and you and Wendy's thoughts on this blog. Great idea!

  2. Best missionary ever! We're so thankful for his choice, which blesses all of us!

  3. He has set the bar very high for all of the cousins coming through the ranks. What a great example! Much of his excellence is due to his wonderful parents.