Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter for September 23, 2013

Hey all!
Hard to believe another week has flown by here in Santa Ana.  First, I just want to congratulate Easton on his farewell and now he'll be heading off to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) real soon! I'm so proud of you.  You will be a great missionary! I love you man! Serve Him with all you’ve got! I know you will. Love you man.

Good to hear all are doing well with your sports. Football is in the air over there in Utah and I love hearing all about the updates! I hope all is well with all of you over there. I hear the weather is taking a turn over there in Utah. It is here in Santa Ana too. It’s been a chilly 75 degrees on average over here, maybe just a tad cooler than that at nights. Needless to say, I am putting my sweater in the trunk just in case. Honestly, I've been getting a little cold at nights! My comp thinks I’m crazy. So I hope I’ll be able to survive when I get back home in the end of winter! I'm so gonna die.

We have had a very busy week. We have had a lot of interesting things happen as well. We were unable to get in contact with Dolores, the "Utah Rocks" lady. She had to cancel on us due to her mother being very ill with cancer, which is understandable. She told us she has a list of questions for us for when we can finally get to talk to her about the gospel. She really looks up to us. At least that is what she says. So just so you future missionaries know EVERYONE watches the missionaries and what they do. That will happen to you when you go on your missions. We are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. We learn in the Bible that Jesus is the light and life of the world. Members and non-members have often told me that there is just a light about us, as missionaries, that is so bright and something they want to follow. I just want to make it clear that we are not the light. We are carriers of the light, which glows from Christ. It's a big responsibility but the Lord will always be there to help. I hope that we can get Dolores to church or at least sit down and talk with her this week.

We saw Hermana Clara Ramoz this week. She is doing very well. She is progressing very well. Our bishop went over with us to see her. She asked us where the couple we brought the time before was. I found that quite an interesting question. She told us that her husband has been getting jealous of just men coming over to visit her and talk to her about the gospel. He is always drunk and out of it. He doesn't treat his wife very well, and he wants nothing to do with the church. We told her we would return on another occasion to see her. We set up an appointment. We called another sister from the ward. She and her husband came with us. We taught the plan of salvation, about how her family can be together forever. How through Jesus Christ all would be healed and all would end up good. She loved it. The couple we brought bore powerful testimony abut it. Hermana Ramoz still wants to feel more. She wants her family to be in on the gospel. The couple we had with us shared some experiences about how the conversion of a certain family all started with the mother getting baptized first. This really helped her out. The spirit was there. I loved it. The couple went by and picked her up for church. She came to church!!! She loved it too. It was so neat to see how the Lord set it all up because the topic in Gospel principles was "families can be together forever" and bishop addressed some of the concerns she had expressed to us in the past. It was all totally guided by the Holy Ghost. It was so neat. She wants to come back. Which is always a great sign. So she is doing very well. I am so excited for her. I hope we can keep getting her that support that she needs to progress. I know we will be able to.

We had a neat experience on Saturday as well. A few weeks ago we had a training on how we can help the members become "Member Missionaries" We have been trying to help the members in our area be able to share the gospel with their friends and help them in the conversion process. We went to a certain member’s home and set up a date for a goal to be able to invite their friend to listen to the missionaries. She said let’s do a noche de hogar in my house this Saturday at this time. We said "perfect." So we came over and we had the coolest family home evening. They brought over a sister I had taught once before and a less active family brought a friend too. So it was like a triple whammy! It was pretty cool and the best part is that they came to church on Sunday! So we have some great new investigators! It's pretty exciting! I love it.

So the work is going on great! Gilberto, the recent convert, just got the Aaronic priesthood. He is doing so well they are considering asking the stake president if he can be ordained an elder to be in the elders quorum presidency. He is awesome. I love the guy. So many things are going so well. I love it. I love this work!! This is the best work ever! I hope we can continue to see a lot of great things as the weeks keep going! Love you all!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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