Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter for September 16, 2013

Hey everyone!

Another week has just flown by here in Santa Ana. We have really had things turn around here in our area and in the zone. We have set 3 new baptismal dates and have also found some really cool new potential investigators. The Lord is really guiding us to those elect of his and it is really awesome!

We had a really fun activity on Tuesday. We helped our housing coordinator throw away some old trash from storage units. Here in our mission usually the missionaries who are learning a language don't have many opportunities to do service.  Elder Collett asked us to help him get rid of old apartment furniture. It was a really fun service. We got these huge dumpsters and we threw a lot of really old stuff away. Stuff from the early 2000's and such. That was really fun. Later on we went over to an investigators home. His name is Omar. We have been trying to find him at home for the last while but have never been able to find him. One night his mother opened the door and told us that he wasn't home. She told us that she used to go to church in Mexico and she really liked it. She told us "You know what, I'm going to listen to you guys." So she did. We began to talk about the family. Then she began to sob. Expressing to us that she was having family problems and was thinking about moving back to Mexico. We told her that through Jesus Christ all of the problems she had would be healed and made right. The spirit was so strong. She accepted a date to be baptized. It was so amazing. We came later in the week with some members and they told her their conversion story. It was so inspired because what they said was exactly what she told us she was worrying about in her life. So it's amazing to see how it's all working out with them. We hope to see some progress with them this week.

Remember Liliana? We saw her again this week and taught an amazing lesson with her. We brought our relief society president and her husband (former stake presidency member) and talked to her about faith to repentance. Hermana Solano told her of their conversion story and what a blessing it's been in their lives. She loved it. We read Moroni 8:25-26 with her. She expressed to us how tired she is of life and everything. We told and testified that following Jesus Christ would give her the strength to endure these trials. She also accepted a date to be baptized. It was amazing. We have a problem though, her husband seems to be keeping her from coming to church and allowing her to progress. He says that he's not against her coming to church, but it always seems that at the last minute he brings something up so she can’t come. I would ask you all back home if you would pray for this man that he might soften his heart and come to church. We hope that will happen. If so, that would be a huge miracle in itself.

The other day we had a cool experience. We were just tracting and decided to stop by this family that I used to teach with my last comp. On our way a lady yelled at us and said "Hey I just got back from Utah! Your native land!!" I got kind of excited and it was a lady that I had actually already talked to once. She had a shirt on that said "Utah Rocks" and under it had all these pictures of Utah national parks. She went to SLC, Park City, and St. George. She went to the temple and told us all she learned from the missionaries. She couldn't stop telling us how beautiful it was and how lovely the people of our church are. She said that she wants to move to Utah and become a Mormon! It was so funny! She seems so golden. It was so amazing! We are going to see her tonight. We didn't get to talk to her much when we saw her, but she wants to learn more about the church and even come to church. We had stake conference yesterday and she wasn't able to come, but we hope to get her there soon.

As you can see, we are seeing a lot of miracles here in the area. The zone is on fire too. We will be seeing a lot of baptisms soon in the zone. Now we have a lot of work ahead of us. I know that with our faith in the Lord we are going to be able to do this. We are going to get these people to partake of the waters of baptism. I love this work. I know that this is the work of the Lord. It's my hope and prayer that all stays well back home. You pre- missionaries keep reading your scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Those are going to be key, as you get ready to be missionaries. I love you all! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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