Monday, March 4, 2013

Letter for March 4, 2013

Hey everyone!!
It has been a crazy week this week. We are working so hard to find and teach people. We have had quite a few successes this week. We are still working with a lot of the investigators I mentioned the last week. We are working so hard and talking to everyone we can talk to. It’s been crazy!

We were unable to find Hilda, Jessica, and Albert this week. Well, we were unable to teach them. We kept stopping by and stopping by without having any luck. We decided to go over one afternoon and Hilda opened the door. She had a huge grin on her face and said, "Hey guys!" She told us how she was still reading the Book of Mormon and was still praying and she still feels like this is something that she wants to do, which was a relief to us. We were so worried that she was either ignoring us or something had happened and she didn't want to see us anymore, but we set an appointment for yesterday. We passed by but she was unable to talk. We were still gong to try to get her to church this week so that she can progress towards the waters of baptism. I know that she will get there.

We are also seeing Mari. She is doing pretty good. We tried to see her a few times this week. We tried to get her to go to church last week but she was unable to. In fact, we learned that she went to another church. We decided to stop by one day and she expressed to us how torn she is between churches. She knows how important it is to join the right church of Christ, which is sooo good. She is just feeling like we are tugging her to one side and the Catholic Church are tugging her to another. Her father is really into the Catholic Church. So we have decided to start all over with her. She has been taught so much by other missionaries that maybe starting over with what our entire message (the restoration) is really about would help her because we have that evidence that the church has been restored. So we hope to help her be able to receive the answer of the truth.

We had a cool experience with a member the other day. We stopped by the other night after knocking doors and we shared with them the restoration of the gospel. It was so powerful and the Spirit was so strong there. We asked the members if they had anyone we could teach. They said they did. We had this investigator stop by then we came back and taught him. His name is Hector. He is a really young guy like me. He has a wife as well. He seemed really interested and told us how he is looking for God. We got really excited. We hope that we can help him progress more and more.

Last night we had a cool lesson as well with the family of some members. Their name is the Morales family. We shared the restoration with them and they were really interested. They didn't accept baptism right now, but we know that they have really good potential. They have about four kids and they are a great family.

That is basically all that is happening over here. We are doing a ton of knocking doors, street contacting, etc. Hoping and praying that we can continue to find more people to teach. We are doing our best. I know that if we can rely on the Lord more we will have more success. I love this work as hard as it can be sometimes. I know this is his work. I know that this is His church. I will always say that. I will always know that. Love you all.
Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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