Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Letter for March 18, 2013

Hey All!! 
Wow what a week it has been. We have seen a lot of great things happen this week. We have been working so hard and we have seen some great miracles this week. We have taught a lot of different people and have gotten a lot of new investigators. It’s been a great week. 

First I believe a few weeks ago I talked about a Morales family. We decided to go back and to teach them some more. We were there for an hour, and I believe the father talked for almost the whole hour. It was really good.  He was able to talk to us all about his life and how he kind of grew up with religion in his life. How he doesn’t believe in some of the beliefs of the Catholic Church, but he isn't sure about a church. We have been the only set of missionaries that have stopped by their home more than once. They have relatives that live right by their apartment, which are members of the church. That always helps. In fact, they whole family went to the baptism of the relatives a few weeks ago. That always helps as well. We are putting a lot of focus right now on one of the little kids. His name is Christopher. He is ten years old and he is the man! He is so awesome. He's only ten but he plays the guitar really well. In fact on the weekends he goes out with his dad and a band and they play at the fiestas all over Orange County. It’s super sweet. He came to church yesterday and he really liked it. He has accepted a date to be baptized for the 7th of April but we might change it to the 30th. We know that if we can start with him, the rest of the family will follow. So please pray that our lesson goes well with him! 

We also have another part member family that we are teaching. They are the Acosta family. The parents are members of the church, but all of their daughters are not. Except for one who will be leaving on the mission soon. We went over and had a great discussion on Lehi's dream. How as parents the importance for their family to be together forever. We talked to one of the daughters we are really focusing on. Her name is Kim. She is about 17 and she is somewhat interested. She is opening up little by little. We had a fun time the other day where the Hermano taught us how to make orange chicken and fried rice. He works at a Chinese restaurant. It was awesome. She is doing well though, she came to church and we hope and pray that we can make more progress with her. 

We are still seeing Mari. She is doing very well also. She knows that she needs to come to church to get an answer. She has it really hard. She has a job in which she only works 2 hours a week. Those two hours happen to occur right when church starts. We are really trying our best to help understand the importance of church. I believe that this is something that she wants to do. I know she will be baptized. She just needs to come to church and she will be right there. She says she will be baptized. Now we are working on getting her towards those waters of baptism. I know she will get there. She's reading and praying. So she’s doing well! 

I love being here. We are seeing some great things happening in this area. Your prayers on our behalf are definitely being heard and I know that as we work together we will continue to see miracles. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you soon!!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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