Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter for January 27, 2014

Hey everyone!
Another week has flown by here in Buena Park! I can't believe that in two weeks time I’ll be back in Springville. Just so you all know. I'm not trunkey!! I love it here and it's gonna be hard to leave. Even this ward. I've only been here for a little bit and I’ve already developed a great love for the members and non-members here. It's great! We have seen a lot of great miracles out here and I love it! 

So, a funny story from last Monday just after I emailed home. We were doing some shopping in La Habra (We live around there) and we went to a small shopping complex. I was at Ross. We at a Chick-Fil-A. We were on our way to what looked exactly like our car. I was driving and Elder Contreras was walking in front of me. We were talking and he opened the passenger side door to find a woman in the drivers seat. He was making his way in the car when he realized there was a woman right in the drivers seat and it wasn't our car at all!! We probably gave her a really good scare! Good times out here in the mission! 

So Enrique (Arroyo) is slowly progressing. We plan on giving him a good talk tonight. He expresses a lot of desire to change and to progress in the gospel. We found him smoking yesterday morning as we were inviting him to church. He said the whole family of 5 was coming (They got back together). They never ended up coming to church. We were pretty disappointed. We are going to have to see what's going on and if they really want to listen to us or not. I hope we can help him. We were talking to some members who asked about him and we made a good game plan together on how we are going to help him. Lets pray for them!! 

Kately is making really good progress. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and praying every night. Her mom isn't so sure she wants to approve her getting baptized. We stopped by one night and her mom invited us to eat dinner with them. We did and got to know her more and got on her good side. We don't know what's going to happen. I hope she can get approval so that she can get baptized on Sunday. We will hope and pray that all goes well with that!

We found a new family this week! Their names are Fabiola, Jennifer and Jesus. It's a mom and two kids. Other missionaries have taught them before and we finally made contact with them. It was a really powerful lesson! The spirit was there and they all accepted to be baptized in the beginning of March! It was awesome! We hope we can get them to church. They weren't able to make it. For some reason these last three months it's been really difficult to get investigators to church. Not sure why. We hope to get some there so we can help them progress soon! 

I love it here. We are seeing a lot of good things! I miss you all and I can't wait to see you all soon! Love you all!! Talk to you soon!

I also wanted to wish my brother Trevor a Happy Birthday this week! I love you brother and I hope you have a great day and know that I’m thinking of you a lot! I can't wait to see you soon!!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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