Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter for February 3, 2014

Hey everyone!
Wow, this is my last full week as a missionary. Crazy! It's hard to believe that this time has come. It has gone by so fast! I still have a lot of work to do while I’m here and I plan on working as hard as I can until they get me on the plane home! I love this work so much and we are seeing a lot of great things right now out here in the mission field. 

We had a family of five come to church! Fabiola and her family came. Her husband came too! We stopped by a few nights ago and taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ! They were eating it all up! We invited them to be baptized. They said they still wanted to learn more which was totally normal. We invited them to church to know that this was the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth! They were a little hesitant. They told us they had been going to another Christian church for about a year now. We promised them that if they came with an open heart they would feel in their hearts that this is the church, which they need to join. I told the dad boldly, "Would it be worth coming to church once to find out if it's the true one?" They nodded their heads and said they would try it out. We knocked on their door Sunday morning and they didn't answer. We got a little bummed and went to church. We got to church and about halfway through the first hour I saw the husband show up.  They all came and really liked church! So I think they will join the church! They still want to learn a lot, but they are making a lot of progress!! We are excited for them! 

Kately is getting there. She isn't progressing as fast as we were anticipating. So we think that we are going to change her date to a further date. Her mom is opening more up to the idea that she can be baptized! So we hope to receive her support. We know that with her support it will be a lot easier for her to get more involved with the church activities. We hope she gets baptized soon!

That's really what's going on! We had a good exchange this week with Elder Harvey, one of our solid elders. We had a cool lesson where we invited a couple they are teaching to be married! They accepted! It was a super powerful lesson! I loved it! It was definitely a big miracle of the week.

Well, I'm going to work my tail off this week! I'm excited to see you all who are home when I get there! I hope to hear from you all soon! Have a great week!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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