Sunday, December 29, 2013

Letter for December 23, 2013

[This is Dallin's Dad.  Sorry I forgot to post this letter on the 23rd.  Christmas was kind of crazy.]

Hey all!!

Really brief, I'm really stoked to talk to you guys on Wednesday!! So here is the plan with that. We are going over to the member’s home of the same people I Skyped you all last time for Mother's Day. We are gong to have a breakfast at 10am our time. I would plan on a call anywhere from 10 am to 12pm our time here in California. I know it's not really specific, but I figured you would all be there at that time. I love you all!! It’s been a very, very busy week this week with meetings and trainings and parties. I'll have to let you know more about the week. We had a huge Christmas party as a ward. About 20 non-members were there. It was awesome! Rosario came as well and she loved it. So did her kids! They, like a lot of our investigators, are going to be out of town so we wont start teaching them til the weekend. We are working a ton with the members in finding new good people to teach. We are really excited. I love this work. I love the Lord. Dad, I know that you had some questions about the online proselyting. Remind me of them when I call so I can answer them for you. If you all have anymore questions to ask me let me know. I'll have about 40 minutes to talk. I sure do love you guys! I'm so excited to see your faces and be able to talk to you! I love you all so much and we will see you on Wednesday!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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