Monday, February 18, 2013

Letter for February 18, 2013

Hey everyone!

It has been a crazy week this week and a lot has happened especially in the last 24 hours. So last night we got home from working and we planned for the next day. Out of nowhere, I get a phone call from our assistants to the president. They told me, "Elder Ollerton we have an assignment for you on behalf of President Bowen. We need you to pack up your stuff and get ready to transfer to Santa Ana." I was in shock because transfers do not happen for another few weeks. So we had to do what we call an "emergency transfer" So now I’m no longer in Garden Grove.  Now I’m in the heart of the mission, which is Santa Ana.  I'm so dang excited for this wonderful opportunity I have to serve here. I will continue to be the district leader, but of this district here. I'm very excited. My companion will be Elder Castaneda. He is from Arizona. He will actually be my first native speaking companion I've ever had in the mission. So I’m very excited for this wonderful opportunity to learn a ton more Spanish too. I'm going to miss Garden Grove. That area is the longest area I’ve been at. I will miss it so much. I love the people there so much. They became so much like family to me, but I’m very excited to be here and to serve the Lord here. I hear I’m coming to "Little Mexico" which is really exciting for me to hear. So I’m very excited and so blessed to be here with a wonderful district. I hear we have a few people coming up for baptism, which also gets me very excited. I hope and pray that the Spirit of the Lord will be able to guide us and lead us in all the places we must go. I'm also in a bike area, which is really exciting. It’s my first biking area I’ve ever been in. I love it so far. I can’t wait to get started.

Well in Garden Grove this week was pretty good. Daisy did not get baptized. We were only able to teach her once this week. She is doing well. She's reading and praying everyday. I guess she's is just having a problem recognizing that answer from the Holy Ghost. Which really can be hard for everyone. Because we all kind of expect us to have some great manifestation like Saul or like Alma the younger. When we realize that it's not like that at all. We have to be quiet, patient, and diligent in searching for that answer. If we are not paying close enough attention we might miss Him talking to us. So hopefully as Elder Burrup and his new companion work with her they will be able to help them out with that.

We are also still teaching Anita. She had us come over and help her move to another apartment. She was able to find another one so that way she was able to move. We helped her move everything. It was great fun. But she is struggling with the reading and praying. I guess one of her close relatives just passed away as well. She is screaming for the gospel in her life. We hope and pray that she will come around. I know that she will. It just might take time.

We are still teaching those other great people I mentioned about last week. They are doing well. We are really excited for them. Sounds like they are doing well. So we are really excited for their area. As well as the district.

That is about it for us. I know that this is the Lord's work. I know that He leads this church. I can't believe I’ve been out a year. I hope I can grow as much this year as I did last year. I have a good feeling it will. I hope I can help others do the same as well. I love you all!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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