Friday, September 21, 2012

Letter for September 17, 2012 (sorry its late, Dallin's dad)

Hey all!

It was definitely an interesting week. A lot of stuff happened. It all
started out with the fact that this week was zone conference week.
That changes up our normal routine for the week. Which was nice in a
way. We had a lot of more proselyting time this week. We had a full
schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday. During those two days a lot of
things happened. Like about five of our investigators dropped us. They
would run from us at the door, or they would just never answer the
door, or they would tell us to not come back. We spent our Tuesday and
Wednesday doing a lot of driving and walking. Struggling to find
someone to teach. We would find some other people to teach, but then
we would struggle. It wasn't the greatest.

So this Thursday we had zone conference. We started out the day by
doing some service. We painted some concrete fences out in Yorba
Linda. It was fun and it took us about an hour to do. It looked really
good when we left. We went to an apartment to change, and then we
headed out to the building where we were going to have zone
conference. It was in Irvine. That was an adventrue in itself. None of
us had been down to that area. so we were relying on a Thomas Guide to
get us there. We made it there. When we got there we had two talks.
One by Sister and President Bowen. They were both really good talks.
That wasn't my favorite part though. My favorite part were the
testimonies that were borne by the departing missionaries. there was
one that impressed me the most. It was by Elder Jordan Sumsion.
Watching him go up and bear his testimony was amazing. Not only did
the testimony pierce my heart. But looking at his countenance, and the
way he spoke. It all amazed me. He has changed a whole lot on his
mission. He is a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was amazing. He
has and will always be, a great example to me. I love and will always
respect that man. Watching him go up and bear his testimony gave me
hope. Because there is a lot of little things about myself that I
would like to change. Looking at him, gave me that hope and assurance
that I can do that, and I can become great like Elder Sumsion. Or even
greater. more like the Savior. So grateful for his testimony. It was
something that I really needed, and it was an answer to my prayers.
I'm so glad that God listens to our prayers.

So the next day we got a call in the morning by Elder Collette. The
housing coordinator for the mission. He told us that we had an hour to
pack up all of our stuff, and get over to the new apartment that he
had arranged for us to live in. It was a fun day. It is a super nice
apartment. it even has a washer and dryer. We are so spoiled out here.
So grateful for that.

Saturday I spent all day in that new apartment, for Elder Janne was
sick. He was just feeling like he was going to "yack" so they say in
Kansas. He slept for about six hours. During the day I spent it
reading from preach my Gospel and the Book of Mormon. I also watched
some church movies that we have. It was super boring, but I learned a
lot, which was a real blessing. I got a lot of stuff done that was

We had stake conference this week. It was really good. They spoke a
lot about how we need to get an education. how president Uchtdorf said
that it is not a suggestion, but a commandment to get an education.
Found it really interesting.

So investigators, we didn't have a baptism for Lilia. She didn't come
to stake conference. She works two jobs and has no time to see us
anymore. She told us yesterday that she would possibly be working seven
days a week and won't be able to get baptized. We talked about it. and
told her that if she came to church she would be able to find a job.
She just lost one of her jobs. So she has to look for more work in
order to help provide for her family. Unfortunately this is common. I
feel so bad. They work so hard to provide just enough for their
families. I'm so grateful for the blessing I had in always having
enough to live. So we are going to work with her and hopefully she
will be baptized this week. So Please Please pray for a miracle. She
needs it!

Also, Leticia told us she doesn't think that she will ever be able to
talk to us. She has a really weird boyfriend who doesn’t' like anything
to do with us. Which is a bummer because she has a son who is in BYU I
right now preparing to go on a mission. I think she would be golden.
but we'll keep trying.

We have Miguel. I taught him in La Habra. He moved to my area right
when I got here. He actually accepted a date to be baptized on the
7th. We just hope that he comes to church. That was his problem in La
Habra. So we'll see how that goes.

Genesis....oh genesis....She keeps ignoring us. She also told us this
week that she's a spritual person, but not a religious one. She
started her confirmation in the Catholic church. So we are thinking
she might be a goner for now, but we will try again and see.

Miguel and Dane are doing well. They are the Jehovah witnesses. They
are reading from the Book of Mormon. WE didn't get to talk to them
last week. Hopefully they can receive an answer this week! It’s not
promising though, but we'll see!

That's basically it! It's been a real busy week. WE hope to teach a
lot more, and hopefully get a baptism in. Elder Janne and I are
determined. WE know that it’s all about what the Lord wants. So we
will do His will, and work as hard as we can.

I love you all! thank you for you support, and we'll hear from you soon!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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