Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter for September 10, 2012

Hey all!
It's been another very busy week out here in Anaheim! It's been a
super duper hot one here too. But life out here is good!

So we had the confirmation of Rachelle yesterday. Now we had a problem
with that though, we didn't make it in time for the confirmation. So
that is a story. So yesterday morning, we were on our way out to come
to church when I did something really silly. I had opened the trunk
of our car to grab something real quick right before we were to head
out to church. I accidentally threw the keys in the trunk while I
was searching for the thing I was going to get. I got the thing, and I
slammed the trunk shut. I reached in my pocket to get the keys to
open our car door, but they weren’t there. I was like "dang". We had
to call a member to come and pick us up to get to church. We got there
right before the sacrament hymn had ended. I looked at Elder Larsen
and he mouthed to me "we got it done" I was upset, but I couldn't help
but laugh at how dumb I was. Not the first time that I have done that.
I hope it will never happen again. ha-ha.

So Rachelle was confirmed. Lilia came to church yesterday! It was
awesome. She was doing like half of the participation in the classes.
So she is doing really well. She is basically ready for baptism. Her
baptism is scheduled for this Sunday. She can only meet with us once
this week, that is when we will be having the interview. She also has
to go to stake conference next week. ha-ha yeah...It'll be a challenge,
but I have no doubt she will be baptized this coming Sunday. Another

So I'm suppose to report on Leticia. We still haven’t seen her yet, but
we are going to this week. She's suppose to be golden, and we are
really excited. We also got a referral from our housing coordinator
Elder Collette. he is golden too I guess. We can only meet on
Sunday’s, so we'll see I guess.

So Genesis....yeah that has been interesting. I just get the bad
feeling that she doesn't want to talk to us anymore. Every time that we
go over there to talk to either her or Rachelle she is always busy
doing something. We went over to there house in Orange on Saturday and
had a very good talk with her mom. Her mom is really starting to open
up with us. That is a miracle in itself. She never wanted to talk to
us about anything when I first got to this area. Now she was telling
us that she wants us to eat dinner with them, and she actually told me
that when I come back after the mission with you guys (my family) she
wants to meet you guys and everything. It's been really neat. Also,
she finally broke the news about why Genesis has been acting so
differently lately. I guess when she went to girl’s camp a while ago
she didn't have very modest clothing. A leader (I’m guessing of our
young women's) told her that what she was wearing is straight up
inappropriate. I guess that kind of caught her off guard, and she got
very offended. Also, she got grounded. So she is kind of "mad at the
world" I guess you could say. We are praying that we have a break
through with her. If she is going to be baptized soon she'll have to
go to stake conference too, but we will see.

We are also teaching these Jehovah's Witness's. Their names are Miguel
and Dane. They are really interested. That or they are just being
really nice. ha-ha I can't really understand their Spanish very well.
So we always have to bring members with us, we hope that it starts to
get better with that though. They are reading and everything. It's
been kind of hard. We might end up dropping them soon because they
just don't want to "soften their hearts" you could say. But we will
see with them!

We also have an investigator who has been very hard on us, but she is
starting to soften up to us and really open up to us for some reason.
Her name is Liz. I think I have talked about her before. She is
finally starting to read. Now we just have to get her to church. She
has a date for the 23rd, but we will have to change it soon I believe.

That is basically my week and the people we are teaching. We are
starting to see more and more growth. We are going to be doing a lot
of focusing on finding and getting investigators to church. It's at
church we can receive answers to even the most difficult questions we

I love you all! The Mission is awesome right now! Area is doing well,
teaching a lot, I have a great companion, Members are awesome, cant
complain too much right? I love you all and thank you for your

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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