Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter for November 25, 2013

Hey all!!

It's been a very busy week being the first week of the transfer. That's usually how it is for the first week as a zone leader. We had a lot of meetings. We had about four hours of meetings on Wednesday. Almost five hours of meetings on Thursday. Thursday was a pretty exciting day as far as the meetings go. We had training via Skype from Salt Lake City on online proselyting. They said they have chosen 30 missions out of the 405 to be the guinea pigs of this new tool that the brethren talked about a few months ago. We are now allowed to use Email, Skype, Facebook,, and texting to find, teach, and baptize investigators. We can also use them to reactivate and retain new converts and less active members of the church. It's really so cool. They were telling us that we could literally teach using members from all over the world to teach investigators that we are teaching. We can Skype them in their homes if they don't have time to chat face to face. Or if they are too shy to meet missionaries face to face they can add us on Facebook and teach them online. It's pretty cool! So don’t be surprised if you see us on Facebook a little more. We just might ask you to help us out with those we are teaching. It's a cool and harmless way to spread the gospel. They shared a statistic with us that when friends "Like" a post someone puts on their wall about 54,000 people see it. So if you ever see a missionary post something "like it" please. So that way we can spread the gospel abroad even faster than ever before. It's going to be a cool experience. It's hard for us too cause no one else has ever done it before. So it's going to be interesting!!

Sister Ramoz was confirmed yesterday. That was awesome! Elder Prieto got the opportunity to confirm her a member of the church. She is really happy about that. She is still struggling with her problems that she has back at her home. Good thing we have a great ward that really gives a lot of support to her. Her visiting teachers are going to see her this week. We are too. She is really doing well with the change. She's already making a great missionary too. She has gone out with the sister missionaries we have in the ward and bore powerful testimony to a couple that was baptized yesterday. It was awesome! So she is progressing right along! 

We are still trying our best to work with Ana and Jorge. They just don't want to budge sometimes! We are hoping we can get some good fellowship in there with them so they can be motivated to come to church. The work is progressing well with them. Jorge has opened up so much and that has been key in discerning his needs. So we hope to help them out. 

We had a cool activity for Thanksgiving on Friday. We had a dinner as well as a tour of the chapel. The tour was first. So as members and non-members would come in they would go from room to room. Members were there explaining about all the different programs of the church: Relief Society, family history, young men and women’s, boy scouts, the baptismal font, and the sacrament room. It was amazing. Then the ward played a bunch of FHE games. It was a blast. Over 30 non-members came to the activity and loved it! It was so cool! We are so stoked because that was a perfect way for the non-members to really open up and share the gospel. I'll send some pics. 

What a great week! I'm so excited for this next week! It’s going to be awesome! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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