Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter for October 21, 2013

What a crazy week it has been. We just keep seeing more and more miracles here. We love it! We had a very busy week. We had a two-hour meeting almost every day this week. We loved it. We learned how to manage stress, how to drive more safely. It was great! It looks like all went well with the deer hunt back home! I'm glad all had fun there. It's too bad I missed out! 

We had a pretty cool lesson last night with a part member family. The sister’s name is Sugey. She is a member and her husband is not a member. He has been listening to the missionaries for about six years. She was less active not too long ago too. She is very strong in the faith right now, which is such a great miracle. She has so much faith too. Although her husband is practically a member he just says that he was born catholic and that some aspects of the church are kind of hard for him. She was testifying with such power and faith how she knew her husband would one day join her in the temple and be sealed together for time and all of eternity. Right after that I felt impressed to ask him "Jesus, what is impeding you from joining your family and the church?" He sat there for about a minute. We all sat there in silence waiting for an answer from him. I could tell that he was trying to find an excuse of some short. He sat there and said, "I don't know Elder." We then talked about prayer and how he could know through prayer. Even though he has prayed many times, we invited him again to pray to know. I know that he'll get an answer eventually. We were on our way out as it was getting dark. A guy next to a trashcan was looking for plastic bottles. Here, you can recycle them for money. He turned to us and said "Hey you guys wanna buy a cell phone? I got a nice one here and I’ll sell it to you cheap." We kindly rejected the offer and moved toward our car. He got a little anger in his voice and said, "You don't wanna buy my phone?" I could tell he was trying to get some money for some beer. I was wondering if he was going to come after us. We told him we had to leave and we left. It was a little startling for me, but it was fun. They are going to be a good family. The Lord is really guiding us. 

Hermana Ramoz is progressing really well! She is practically a member of the church. Her countenance has changed so much. It's so much more bright and full of hope. She has changed quite a bit. We brought a member who lives by her to a lesson. They hit it off really well. We began to talk about faith again. We read with her in Ether 12:16. We told her that her husband will change and let her get baptized. She is telling all her friends that she is Mormon and she's proud of it. Her grandkids are even going to be a part of the primary program. Her husband just needs to let her get baptized. We decided to follow the example of the brother of Jared and set up a plan to take to the Lord. We are going to talk to the husband and get to know him. Not to teach him, but to gain his trust. We set a goal for baptism for the 17th of November. We are going to work so hard. I know that we can see a miracle with her. She needs your prayers! All of them she can get. Please pray for her! 

Ana and Jorge are doing well. They still haven’t come to church yet. We love being with that family though. We aren't going to give up on them either! Jorge is still working on receiving an answer form the Holy Ghost. He said this is the first time he has been praying in years. I see that as a huge miracle from our Heavenly Father. So he is making a lot of progress. I know with time he will get baptized too. We just need to keep working with them too. 

Those are the people that are progressing most. Sorry I have no more time to tell more, I’m trying to get everything all set up for college right now and it's pretty crazy! I love you all and thank you for all the support! I can't wait to hear from you soon!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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