Monday, June 3, 2013

Letter for June 3, 2013

Hey everyone! Wow, what a great and crazy week it has been. We have been working so hard in this area and we have seen some great miracles to end this transfer cycle.

So first off, I want give a shout out to SHS Football. Wow, third at the Ute Shoot. That is super sick and really impressive. Keep working hard and I know you all will do very well this year. Way to go Justin! Also Tre tre [Dallin's nickname for his brother Trevor] taking first at the Hershey Track Meet. Keep it up man! You are so awesome! Cameron keep being the man okay? I love you all to death and it’s always so good to hear from you.

This Thursday I got a call from President Bowen. He told me he was going to extend a call to me to be a zone leader. Ha-ha I was very shocked. I wasn't expecting a call like that at all! If I’ve learned anything from mission life is that you need to expect the unexpected. Ha-ha I have been called to be with Elder Robinson who has been the zone leader here for a very long time. I’m so stoked to be here with him in this area. In this mission we have three Spanish zones. So I'm in the central zone. Which covers the Garden Grove 10 and Santa Ana 10 wards. I'm really excited and we are going to see a lot of great things happen here in the zone! I'm so excited to be here. Elder Excell will be training in the area I just left. Elder Garza is off to my old area in Anaheim. We are seeing a lot of change. But change is good.

Yesterday we had a miracle. We had two investigators come to church, Carmen, who was a referral from a family in the ward. We found her by accident through another investigator. I think I’ve already talked about her before. Anyway, we went over to her home before church and we guided her to church. She loved it. And her two kids loved it too. She was talking with all the members as the member that referred her to us was showing her around and stuff. She really liked it and she told us she is going to come back soon. Hopefully Elder Excell and his greenie will be able to get her to the waters of baptism. We also had Maria. Another investigator we have been teaching for a while here. She is doing well. She finally decided she was going to come to church. This was the first time she has come since the elders have been teaching her in four months. She really liked it too. We had a member sit by her. Maria brought her daughter with her and the member we had sit by her in sacrament meeting has a daughter the same age too. They became the best of friends during the meeting and they really liked the services. I hope that helped her have a good impression of the church and what it is all about. She had been making some really good progress and we hope to see her and her family enters the waters too with the new elders coming in.

Other than that we have been out knocking on a lot of doors. Trying to find new people to teach. It's been fun and really hard too, but I know that the Lord will guide us in finding those ready to receive the restored gospel. I am really excited for the upcoming transfer and for everything that is going on here.

I love you all so much. I know that this is the Lord's work. This is His church. I will always know that too.  I can't wait to hear form you all soon!!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

Hey Dad,
Sorry I don't have too much time to email. We had to email at a library so now I’m down to only an hour to email. But about the last question you asked concerning our work area. We end up going to the same spots everyday. Ha-ha the only way to make it fresh is by knocking at different spots that you haven’t gone to in a while. I had the same problem when I was in Garden Grove too. Garden grove is primarily Asian people. We only had three areas where there were Hispanics. Sometimes they get sick of us. Most of the time they like us and think we are pretty cool and that what we are doing is pretty neat. With the Nephite/Lamanite connection. I love bringing that up when I introduce the Book of Mormon. When it does strike with them that's when they usually let us into their home and hear us out. Most it doesn't though. It's because people from tons of different churches go out and try to do the same thing we do. So some are just sick of different churches coming over and they don’t want to listen to anyone anymore. But some are different. We know that they will have a lot of potential when they understand it. A lot like what you said.
Loved hearing about what went on. Tell Trevor congrats on the Hershey track meet and tell jbird congrats on the Ute shoot. That's awesome. Tell him I’m sorry if I don't get an email to him. I’ll try. Love you dad. I'm so happy to be here. I love this mission. It’s changed me forever. Love you


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