Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter for December 31, 2012

Hey all!

Wow, well first off, Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. We had a great last week in Garden Grove celebrating the birth of our Savior. We went out to carol on Christmas Eve. We were invited to have a great Christmas dinner by some members. It was awesome. I had a great phone call home and we stuffed ourselves with a bunch of Tamales. It was great. What a great time of year this is. Now we are coming up on the year of 2013. I know that this year will be full of miracles! I know that if we can continue to put our trust in our Heavenly Father, He will guide us to where we need to go. We will be able to overcome our problems/challenges, and we will be able to obtain the happiness that we all want. (Moroni 7:33)

This last week was a good week as far as the work goes. We had a funny experience the other day. We went on exchanges. I came back to my area and Elder Burrup told me that he wanted to study our area map more to get to know the area better. I had a new map that was just printed hidden somewhere. He laid it on the carpet and he told me. "Elder, I think our area is bigger then what we thought."  It turns out we never received the notice that there was a change in our area boundaries. It must have changed when I got here. So it turns out our area is twice as big as we thought. What a pleasant surprise (not to the Elders who thought our area was theirs). We picked up a lot of new investigators and they lost a lot. They are determined to find more. Ha-ha funny huh?

We are still teaching Brenda. It's been difficult to find her lately, because of the holidays. We were only able to teach her once. We went over the word of wisdom. We still have a lot of things we need to teach her. She is doing very well though. So we are going to try and see if we can get her baptized this week. It’ll be a huge miracle if we do. If not we believe she will be prepared by the 13th of January. Her daughter Britana is so awesome. She loves coming to church and loves it when we come over. She’s always like "oh hi guys" ha-ha so they are all doing very well.

We also have Armando and Sandra, some new people that we found not too long ago. They are a very young couple that just moved here from queens, NY. They are from Guatemala and love living here. They have been having some hard times because it's difficult to find work around here. We began to teach them and told them that as they accept what we teach they will be able to see many miracles. Including finding a job. We went out this last week teaching them a few times. They didn't come to church yesterday, but they did the Sunday before. So they really liked it. They also accepted a date to be baptized. It was very cool, but what just happened yesterday that was really neat is that they told us they were moving to Los Angeles for work, but then while we were at church we got a text from Sandra saying that Armando got work, and that they were going to stay here in Garden grove. I believe that is a sign from our Heavenly Father for them. It's been really neat. So we are going to continue teaching them. Very excited for them.

We are also seeing Daisy. The cousin of Dania. She is doing very well as well. We are helping her gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon because right now I believe that she has a lot of real intent. She tells us that she is going through a hard time right now in her life. It seems to be the really hard times where our heart is more open and receptive to the gospel. So she is looking for the fountain that can quench her thirst. Just like Christ tells us "I am the fountain of the living water." and as long as we partake of that water we will have eternal life. We talked to her about he restoration and the plan of salvation. She really likes it. It's different. She is very Christian. She is going to come to church and told us that she would prepare to be baptized on the 20th of January. We are going to work hard with her in helping her gain that testimony and partaking of that living water.

That is pretty much it for this last week for us. It’s been great. I hope and pray that you all have a happy new year. I know it's going to be a great one. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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