Monday, November 5, 2012

Letter for November 5, 2012

Hey all!!

We had the confirmations of Jose and Anthony yesterday. That was great. I could feel the spirit so strong as I was participating in the confirmation. That was a great testifying moment to me that what we are doing here on this Earth is true; that the power of the Priesthood is real. What a great opportunity we have in this time of the Earth to have it, and be able to use it for the blessing of all of Heavenly Father's children. The cool part too is that their mom, Ana, came and watched the confirmations. I think that little by little she will get there. She has a date to be baptized in the middle of January. We are going to try to work with her a little more, so that way she can see the blessings of doing this.

We also had a great experience yesterday. So this week I got a call from the elders that are working in the area I just was in. They told me that Miguel was getting baptized. I don't know if you all remember or recognize this name. Remember back in April when I was in La Habra how I told you of this "golden" investigator we found on my third day in the field? Well we had to stop going over to teach him while I was there. He never came to church or read the Book of Mormon. So we moved on and so did he. We found out that he actually moved to Anaheim. Then I moved to Anaheim. At the end of my first transfer in Anaheim I heard a guy yell "Hey Elders!" It was him. He found us "by accident" and we started to teach him again. He hadn't really changed. He never came to church. I got transferred to Garden Grove thinking that the other Elders had stopped teaching him again. I was wrong. In fact they got him to come to church, and then they got him to be baptized yesterday. It was so awesome!!!! I couldn't believe it at all. This baptism was probably one of the biggest miracles I have ever seen in my mission. It was so good to see him get baptized. I'm so proud of him. What a blessing!!

So we are still teaching Ana, the younger one. She is doing okay. She is having some problems with some things. But she is doing really well. Right now we are planning on her being baptized this week. She is doing very well. We taught her about the plan of salvation and the restoration. She loved it. She is even reading in the Book of Mormon and praying on her own. She loved church, too. So we are looking forward to her baptism this week. Let's pray that it all goes well and very smooth!

We are still teaching Diego too. His date to be baptized will change though. We haven’t really been able to sit down and really talk to him about the gospel. He is now a regular attender to church. That is awesome. Now are next hurdle to jump is getting him to read the Book of Mormon. I know that if he will just start to read the Book of Mormon that he will have no problem getting baptized. So we are going to work with him. But we think he will get baptized the end of this month or in the early part of December. He is doing well. A funny experience we had with Diego this week; he wanted a haircut, so Elder Walker did it, he knows how to cut hair. He did this really cool style on Diego. Diego didn't like it though and told him how to do it. Hahaha. He did it and then Diego looked at it, he didn't like it at all. He cut it really short, I guess afterwards Diego went and got it cut at another place. Looks good now. Ha-ha.

We are also teaching Gudelia still. She is a puzzle sometimes. I don't really know if her desire to be baptized is really there anymore. She has tried avoiding us at times. We came in to see her and she told us of something that would possibly impede her from being baptized. She feels bad asking people for rides. That is one of the bigger problems in this mission; the majority of investigators and members don't have cars to drive to get to church. So we always have to find a ride for her. Then I guess when we do she doesn't like to stay the three hours, only the first. She doesn't like having to wait for the members that take her to church. So we are going to try our best to help her stay the three hours. We'll see. Missionaries have taught her forever.

We are also seeing Juan Garcia. He is a man who has been listening to missionaries for a while. He even knows the names of the members in our ward. He has a problem though. He is a little torn between religions right now. He is listening to us, and also the Jehovah’s Witnesses. So when he told us that. What I did was this. I told him that if he really wants to know which religion is the right one. It all starts with reading the Book of Mormon. If he knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. He no longer needs to search for an answer, because he has already received it. I know that he will be able to know. Because that is what I did. In fact I did that just recently. Hopefully we can see some progress with him.

In other news, I bought a bike. I got a single speed road bike. Elder Walker is really big into bikes. That was his life I guess before the mission. So he helped me out with it. I guess I'll be using it and stuff. I’m really excited about it.

That is basically it! Work is going good and strong. I love being out here in the mission. I love being a missionary and a servant of the Lord. I know that this is His work, and Church. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I just finished it, and once again I followed Moroni's invitation, and I received an answer. It is true. I know it is. I will never be able to deny it. I love you all! Thank you for everything!

Elder Dallin M. Ollerton

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